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WTS - Warrior gear CADPAT tac-vest w/ CP Gear pouches

Vince S

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Letting this go as I have a new baby on the way. Has been used on exercises for the last year and a half. A big upgrade over the issued tac vest and since it has a shape real close the issued thing I always got away with it. Here's whats included:

1x Warrior Gear tac vest in cadpat: One size fits all.
2x Warrior Gear triple mag pouch: As the name says, fits 3 mag in each, retention is adjustable so you can fit 2 mags instead.
1x Blackhawk MBITR pouch, fits the PRC152 and PRC 521
1x CP Gear 100rnd C9 pouch
2x Carcajou frag pouch
1x CP Gear upright zippered pouch
1x Carcajou C9 drum pouch (same shape as the one on the issued tac vest«)

Asking 150$ + Shipping charges.

I accept payments by Paypal + 4%, EMT or face to face in Quebec.


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