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WTS -Various '64 ruck stuff, OTW shirt, pouches, Oakley boots, etc....


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In the process of moving I was going through kit and decided I finally had to let some stuff go.

'64 Jump Ruck items:

These were all made by well known local riggers in Pet except for the MEC waist belt.

1 x '64 ruck main bag  TW CADPAT with 5 x buckled exterior pockets,  Exc. condition  - $50


1 x (pair) '64 ruck shoulder straps TW CADPAT,  Exc. condition , some minor gun tape residue - $20

1 x '64 ruck back panel TW CADPAT,  Exc. condition  - $15

1 x '64 ruck padded waist belt TW CADPAT,  Exc. condition , some minor gun tape residue - $25

$100 package deal for above items

1 x '64 ruck padded waist belt OD, barely used - $20

1 x'64 ruck shoulder straps OD, barely used - $15

1 x'64 ruck back panel OD, barely used - $10

1 x '64 ruck padded kidney pad OD, barely used - $15

1 x MEC Ibex waist belt.  Green & black.  Had padding stitched to the centre portion and was used as a '64 ruck waist belt.  Features zippered enclosures on belt.  Some gun tape residue on centre pad - $15

Other stuff:

1 x CP Adjustable headwrap.  Tan, driFire FR material.  Only worn a few times, clean - $5

2 x CP Gear 3/2 Mag pouches AR CADPAT.  1 pouch had the snapdragon quick release buckle broken in heat of the moment in the sandbox, the other was never used.  Broken one could easily be repaired with a conventional buckle or otherwise. - $10 and $20 or $25 for both

1 x Spec-Ops dump pouch, tan.  MOLLE, lobster type opening with buckled cover.  A red cross was markered onto the top of the pouch at one time -$15


1 x Tacvest Modular Adapter Panel, AR CADPAT , turns TV side panels into MOLLE, never used - $5

1 x CP Gear OTW shirt AR CADPAT - I was told this is a size large (no tags) when I bought it but it fits more like a medium hence it was rarely worn.  Excellent condition- $75

1 x pair of Oakley SI tan boots - Size 7.5 but my other boots are 8.5 so I think Oakley's size a bit big.  These were only worn on a handful of occasions on ex and in the sandbox.  They did get wet once, hence a bit of discolouring and the black scuffs are from being thrown around with other (black) boots.  Still smell "new" and are in excellent condition - $90


I am in the Ottawa area as well as Brockville starting at the end of the month.  Buyer will pay shipping of their choice.  Prefer EMT for payment.  Thanks for looking and feel free to PM any inquiries
All of the CADPAT jump ruck items have been sold.

$50 takes all the OD jump ruck pieces along with the MEC waistbelt
1 x Gorrila Airsoft M203 Grenade Launcher Vertical Grip

This is an airsoft copy of the RM Equipment M203grip, and states right on it "For Airsoft Use Only".  However, I've used it for a couple of years now, both in training and in Afghanistan and have cycled quite a few rounds with it.  I experienced 0 problems and the grip shows no sign of fatigue or breakage, only normal wear and tear (ie. nicks, scratches, dust).  it fits the "real" M203 perfectly and I have seen people clamp it to rifle handguards as a makeshift front grip.  It is built out of, what seems to be, high quality machined aluminum, steel and polycarbonate parts.  The only non-mettalic component is the actual grip.  Not shown is the flashlight ring, that attaches with a few screws and is designed to hold Surefire type flashlights.  I never used it but it is included.  My name and SVC # are engraved on it (blurred in picture).

Despite it being a copy, I paid over a $100 and the real deal is much, much more than that, not to mention difficult to get in Canada.






Everything is sold except the Spec Ops dump ouch and the M203 VFG