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WTS - Jump Ruck

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No trades, all sales final

I accept EMT and Paypal

1x Jump Ruck, Olive Drab, New. Illum tape is on the flap buckles(can be easily removed)
CPGear gen4 ruck, CPGear padded yoke pad, CPGear A7A straps(better), Tactical Tailor MALICE frame, Tactical Tailor Super Straps, Tactical Tailor Super Belt, Tactical Tailor Retaining bands(2 inch)
$440 + s/h
CADPAT Pouches and Canteen and pouch shown in pictures are NOT included

Would you be willing to sell parts of it, or as a complete setup only?
I'd prefer to sell the ruck as a complete set, but I'am open to parting it out.
Tactical Tailor ruck parts are sold, CPGear Parts are still available.

CPGear Gen4 Ruck, OD, New, illum tape(cat eyes) on fastex buckles - $145 + s/h
CPGear Padded Yoke, OD, New - $40 + s/h
CPGear A7A straps(better), OD, New - $28 + s/h

Excellent offering - Items arrived as good as new (either they are brand new, or virtually so).  Very happy with the items, and they arrived within a week.
1x CPGear Padded Yoke, OD, New - $40 + s/h OBO