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Unprovoked Toronto Subway Murder Suspect Was “out on numerous releases"-Article 27/03/2023

The Toronto Star ran a bit of a summary of the accused's criminal history.

The line that jumped out at me was a sentencing for assault with a weapon, where he was ordered, after being released from custody, to seek out his own medical diagnosis for his mental health issues. Seriously!? Instead of the judge ordering a mental health assessment as part of his custody, the court directs a homeless, indigent person with mental health issues to seek out his own medical diagnosis and treatment program.

We have to remember, there are some judges that are just genuinely stupid.

Mental health assessments happen in custody literally all the time. If the judge had simply ordered for it to be done in custody, that’s one less thing to do the next time he commits an offence (which, well, he did…)
I firmly believe the hug a thug revolving door justice SYSTEM, has been put in place by trudeau, on purpose. It creates fear and division in the population. Something we know is a fact with this government. They took away mandatory sentencing for violent offences and gave the discretion to appointed judges and Crowns.

This is exactly what we are seeing in the US with blue state DAs & AGs, flooding the streets with violent criminals on bail. Most of which, common knowledge tells us, are backed by Soros.

The policy similarities between the trudeau and biden administrations are too many to deny. Massive interference in our governments by Red China, while our leaders turn a blind eye and try obfuscate their way out of it, while both take payment from the ChiComs. Strangle oil and gas, create inflation through massive, unrestricted spending and money printing, Unrelenting tax hikes and grabs. The loss of the middle class in society. The backwards justice system, the use of false and inflammatory rhetoric and demonization of anyone not on complete lockstep with their policy. Invoking executive privilege (or OiC) to push legislation that would not pass the legislature, open borders and illegal immigration pushing legal, educated immigrants out of the process. Bussing illegals all over the country, foisting them on communities (my city has taken in 650 initially and is online to receive 500 more and we have not received our federal funding). Arbitrarily turning long time law abiding firearms owners into criminals without basis in fact. Pick almost any unpopular, draconian policy or rule by biden and chances are, you'll find a trudeau policy which closely mirrors biden's. Oh yeah, both are egotistical pathological liars and narcissists. Coincidence? You decide for yourself.
I’m pretty sure they whisper ‘Hail Hydra’ to each during the bro hugs…