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Titans TV Shoot in Kingston Aug 15/16


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Saw this on FB.  Hubby has sent an email.  Could be fun for anyone in the Kingston area.  Note the deadline: Info needed by 5:00 pm today.

The TV show “Titans” (DC comics) is looking for 50 men ages 18-70 to work background on the series next week in Kingston at the Kingston Penitentiary to play convicts. This shoots both Aug 15/16 (must be available both days) and pay is $14/hr. Anyone interested in this cool experience please send me:

Legal Name, Height, Birthdate, Pant/Shirt/Shoe size as well as a recent selfie picture shot chest up in colour

I need all this by 5:00pm today! This job is open to ANYONE!!! So please share. If you think you would make a great convict and want to be on a DC show, email me tammy@sohomgmt.com - you can text me if you need more info 1-613-583-0952