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Tinnitus Entitlement Review


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Does anyone have any idea on how much of a Lump Sum amount equates to for an Entitlement of five fifths for Tinnitus Review? I do know that is the highest of the fifths and was wondering out of curiosity how much approx estimate amount it would be if Decision is Favourable? What does five fifths equal if favourable?
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All of this information can be found on the VAC website. A 5/5 entitlement with 5% disability rating would be $59.18/month or a Lump sum of $19254.58

The link to the VAC policies on Tinnitus is as follows...

And the link for What the rates are for a disability pension is as follows...

Your disability rating is entirely dependent on you as an individual, the 5/5 rating just implies they have attributed 100% of your tinnitus to your service.