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Timeline for AVOTP

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I decided to write a timeline guide for anyone looking to OT via AVOTP. I had a lot of help with my OT and figure I should pass on my knowledge. Everything written is from my perspective as a Cpl/MCpl, so this won’t apply as much to the other OT programs. As well, some things may be different with each unit.

Before you OT decide why you want to:

Good reasons to OT:
a. Want a new and exciting challenge
b. Want better career opportunities and education

Wrong reasons to OT:
a. New trade has spec pay/better pay
b. Hate your current job: Chances are you will at times hate your new job


1. Fill the BPSO referral form below and get it signed off by your supervisor. Book your appt with the BPSO to make sure you qualify for your new trade; specifically aptitude test. Some trades have additional requirements, ie Aircrew worthiness, or eyesight requirements for GeoTechs.

2. Request from your CoC formally or informally if you can get time to meet someone in your preferred choice of trade. This will ensure you are knowledgeable about your new trade, and lets your CoC know you are serious about your OT. So for example, if you wanted to be an AVN tech, you could request to shadow an AVN tech at a local Sqn for the day. As well, you may have friends in the new trade, so don’t be afraid to absorb everything they tell you.

BPSO Referral form for DWAN: http://armyonline.kingston.mil.ca/LFCA/143000440020735/BPSOCONSULTRERQUESTF.PDF

3. Make your OT memo. Include in your memo why you would be good at the new trade, and previous qualifications (which could include operational experience) and acknowledge the fact that you may be posted to another unit. This lets your unit know you are fully aware of the process.


4. Book your yearly medical check up. Bring in page 5 as per below of your AVOTP application and have it filled in by the doctor.

5. Fill out the Application. Use the digital copies to keep it neat and tidy. No handwritten stuff. Download via DWAN here http://lfcms.kingston.mil.ca/Default.aspx?sectionid=143000440021452&type=D. Second form from the bottom:

Page 1. This all your Personal info
Page 2. Questionnaire. Confirms that you know you may lose rank, pay and be posted. Read it
Page 3. Doesn’t apply to AVOTP.
Page 4. To be filled by your unit.
Page 5. Book your medical as above.
Page 6. For the BPSO only.
Page 7. CO's comments. Generally your Tp/Pl leader will fill this in. If your CO knows you well enough to fill in the comments yourself, you’re probably not getting your OT…
Page 8. To be completed when you accept your OT.


6. When the application is finished two hole punch it and place it on the right side of a Protected A document folder. Place the OT Memo on the left side. On the front place a Sheet of paper taped on with a list of contents and a signature block for accountability. This way things are less likely to get lost… Then hand it in to the chain of command. You can ask for the inter base mail slip confirming its been sent to the BPSO or ask the BPSO. Your CoC shouldn’t take any longer than a month to finish this. It has to be in NLT mid Nov, though this is always subject to change.


7. Once your paperwork is received by the BPSO, you can book your appt for your personality test, and your interview. As long as you’re not off your rocker, and have a personality, you shouldn’t have a problem with the personality test. As for the interview, as long as you are knowledgeable about the trade, show an interest, and prove that you going to the new trade is in the interest of the CF, you wont have a problem.


8. Once the BPSO finishes the paperwork, they will send it back to your unit to be finalized. The CO will sign off on the OT, and your Chief Clerk will send it to Ottawa. Make sure you get the memo like paper that confirms your OT was sent to Ottawa; gives you piece of mind, and a place to start a grievance if your paperwork is lost.


9. Complete despair and depression waiting for your OT to come in. Don’t let it affect your day job.


10. The arrival and acceptance of your OT. Complete jubilation.


11. COS to BTL approx mid July and await training. Depending how long it is tell your course starts, you can apply for OJT.

So it's 30 May tomorrow and I still have nothing in my hot little hands. So given the timeline outlined in the CANFORGEN 017/13 I'm going to say that it's been rejected.
pross182 said:
So it's 30 May tomorrow and I still have nothing in my hot little hands. So given the timeline outlined in the CANFORGEN 017/13 I'm going to say that it's been rejected.

Why not call and ask?  Can't hurt.....
@ Hulk, RMS Clerk
@ DAA, I called the BPSO, they said it's been a weird year...
pross182 said:
@ Hulk, RMS Clerk
@ DAA, I called the BPSO, they said it's been a weird year...

I know the OT offers for RMS Clerk have started to come out as a Cpl in my Sqn recieved his about three weeks ago.  Are they done yet, I don't know.
Still nothing today. Called the BPSO, they said some of the messages have been delayed, they don't know why or for how long. Not sure when exactly they planned on telling anyone about it. So... yeah.
Just a quick question. With the memo to inform/ask your CoC, is there a specific file number for OTs? I spent some time in the books today and couldn't locate a list of file numbers. Specifically, I'm looking to apply for the flight attendant job, which isn't exactly an OT (because you go back to your old job after the three-ish years are up,) but that the paperwork still follows the OT paperwork. Thanks for any info/advice/beer.  ;D
5075-1 is the file number on my OT memo. What I dont know is if the File number system is standardized across the CF, or is unit based only... I would assume it must be standardized somehow...
Thanks! I had a friend send me the list of file numbers this morning... Yours is under Career-General, and 5710-1 is Remusters and Occupational Transfers. If you want the document with the list of all of the numbers, PM me and I can send it to you. :) Cheers!
Hello, first post here :)

I'm looking for clarification please.
My remuster has been accepted. Currently a Master Seaman stoker, with a remuster to HT.
My official OT date is tomorrow, 17th July, 2013. I understand the rank and pay loss.

According to CFAO 49-4,
27. Unless otherwise specified by the OT authority, a member above the rank of Cpl shall relinquish that appointment or rank, effective the day before the date when training in the new MOC is to commence, in accordance with CFAO 11-12, Occupation Transfer of Non-commissioned Members -- Regular Force.

So, will I lose my rank/pay on the 17th July, or the day before the first day of course? (I do not have a course date yet)

My understanding is the day before course (Undetermined ATM) My chief seems to think tomorrow.
Who could 'otherwise specify'? the pay/rank?

While I dont have an answer for your question, I too am reporting to BTL tomorrow, with my course starting Aug 6th. But tomorrow I am showing up as a Cpl Engineer, instead of a MCpl Dragoon. Id say that this seems to be the norm. Still not saying it is the correct answer; nothing worse than people assuming that what always happened, is what was supposed to happen.
Your VOT Instruction message would have the pay/rank info and "VOT effective" date on it.  IIRC, your VOT date is the date your lose rank/pay.

* just checked mine from '08, that info was in para's 2 - 4 of my VOT Instruction msg from D Mil C.  Not sure, but the CBIs or other ref's on your message may contradict the CFAO.
OK, I got the answer.
According to the MSG that I (and everyone else) has, July 17th is the date of Rank/Pay adjustment...

BUT, this is not the 'Official' msg for the transfer... the msg that we have is the offer/conditions to the transfer.
The OT msg apparently its not yet cut.... (I accepted the OT offer)

So I am kinda lost here... lol so is the office!!
From what I've been told, things got delayed due to the PLAR I requested...
Dunno how that holds things up...

I'm still at the same unit, the Chief took my MS and gave me LS.
The unit is treating me as a Hull Tech, and not as a stoker.
I still have MS pay... and have LS on my shoulders...  :D

and awaiting the official OT msg.  ???