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The WTF News Files


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Why?? Just....why?? To spite your face??

Meet the completely tattooed Brazilian who removed his nose, added horns and reshaped his ears to resemble an 'orc'

De Oliveira began by stretching out his ear lobes; then injecting ink into his eyes turning them black; adding horns to his head; replacing his teeth with vampire dentures; and even splitting his tongue in half.

He eventually covered his facial tattoos by dying his skin blue and had his ears re-shaped to resemble those of an orc – a race of monstrous humanoids who represent the corrupted versions of elves and men in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”.

“But I would have to say that the most life-impacting, impacting modification I've done was with my nose,” he said, explaining he had it surgically removed in March and it’s taken several months to heal.

“It's still very painful because when I take a shower a lot of water goes into my nose.”

Freakin idiot. Face palm emoji is needed :cautious: