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Sorry to the admins as there is somewhere that this has been discussed before and I can't find it now.

Came up in a meeting today about the restrictions on Class A reserves proceeding on TD using POMV. I thought I saw something in the last year that changed this restriction so that the members could travel POMV on their own time but of course now can't find it. Any chance someone else saw and has this?
Got the answer on the change. The basics is that the Cl A PRes mbr proceeding on a Cl B can be approved if the approving authority is willing to extend the Cl B period and pay the mbr for the additional days of travel by extending the Cl B period. This does not mean they would get TD for that extended period though.

IAW para 7.41(6) of CFTDTIs In respect of a member on Class "A" Reserve Service who will proceed on temporary duty where they will be on Class "B" Reserve Service, the AA must consider article 9.07 (Class "B" Reserve Service) of the QR&O before determining the member's request to use PMV rather than the mode of transportation selected in accordance with paragraph 7.20(2) (Selection). The key takeaway from art 9.07 of the QR&O is that IAW para 2 of this article, a member going on TD on Class “B" Reserve Service is to be put on class B from the first day of travel to the last day of the return travel.