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Request amendment to Summary Investigation (SI) Findings


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Apologies if this has been asked and answered in a different thread; unfortunately each time I try and search the function hasn't been available.

I read the relevant DAODs and referenced QR&Os and couldn't find an answer.

I was peripherally involved in something a few years ago that had a summary investigation on it.  I finally saw the report not long ago, and there is a para that is clearly factually incorrect (in fact the opposite is true) and the result is that it makes a 3rd party sound incompetent as opposed to something that was agreed with by DND.

I'm probably wasting my time trying, but is there any proper correspondence I can initiate via my CoC to bring up this error and have the SI finding amended to reflect the truth (which is generally accepted anyway).

My initial thoughts are an internal memo to my CoC, referencing the appropriate refs and specific findings, along with what actually happened, and several reasons why I think it should be corrected (aside from the fact that it's assbackwards).

Any thoughts?

My gut feeling is this is a futile waste of effort (and probably not helping my career), but to do nothing about it seems wrong.


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I'm not aware of any process and if it were up to me I'd proceed as you suggested but keep in mind that the matter may already have been addressed in another format.  Just because the copy you read stated what it stated doesn't mean it wasn't addressed via some other format BUT I'd still bring it up again and that way you will know.