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Pres Infantry O PLAR


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Hey all

I'm a little confused about the PLAR process and how it applies to me. I was an infantry O (did not complete phase 3) and got out in 2013. I'm getting back in now for the same trade (different unit) and the recruiter is insistent on doing a PLAR. I'm not sure why, as my understanding is I should be redoing the whole training pipeline.
Depending on if training has changed you may get a PLAR for some of your previous training. Most PRes Army PLAR's are seen by CTC so it'll up to them. Really if your recruiter wants to do a PLAR to see if some of your training could be granted, go for it. Also, as you didn't reach OFP they may be looking at doing a PLAR to determine rank upon re-entry (I do a number of Health Services PLAR's for that exact reason).