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I have a general, but important question that I am hoping someone could shed some light on. I am a Reservist and would submitting a VAC claim for an OSI negitively impact my remaining 7 years in the Reserve Force, as in would I be able to continue to serve my remaining 7 years? I have a valid OSI that is also documented in my Service Medical Records in the early 2000's, plus Deployment OSI and I would like to start a VAC application now or do I have to wait until CRA 60? To make a long story short, I want/NEED to continue to serve until I'm 60. I cannot risk being released before that. Any input or suggestions? Should I wait or should I start the ball rolling now?


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The issue isn’t the VAC claim, it’s the diagnosis. There are plenty of serving members both CAF and RCMP with both diagnoses and VAC claims for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, or other diagnoses under the OSI umbrella. If CF Health Services is already aware of your clinical diagnosis and your medical category still allows you to serve, a VAC claim shouldn’t change that.