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Occupational and Component Transfers (OT/CT/VOT) During and After BMQ (Merged)

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Would this be a hard thing to do ? I’ve been told that people transfer trades all the time with no challenges.
Policies change sometimes; but normally there's some conditions on changing occupations:
1) You have to be trade qualified;
2) You have to be going to a trade that is "open" (i.e. has spots);
3) You can't be in a trade that is locked in.

These were the rules on both times that I've changed occupations. The first time I changed occupations some waivers had to be completed because I didn't meet all 3 requirements; but that was back in 2001.

And would that mean I have to write the CFAT all over again?
Possibly - it depends on how you did on your attempt to join the CAF when you were offered cook. If you didn't meet the threshold for Vehicle Tech then yes you would need to rewrite it. (Please note at the time of writing this I no longer remember the 'pecking' order on the CFAT threshold). Your Brigade PSO (appointment through the CoC) will be able to tell you. As a first point of contact, let your chain of command know that you'd like an interview with the Brigade PSO, they will be your best source of information on what you can do, and what steps are required to do it.