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Oakley 8" SI Assault Boot

I have a set in tan.  They don't breathe very well as they are basically the black boot in tan, not a desert boot.

I initailly found them super comfortable and equated them to a Swat for their running shoe like comfort.  However, inexplicably my feet seem to get sore after a few days or a patrol, even with my orthodtics in.  I think it has to do with the sole being a little too soft and flexible which is comfotable at first but after some hard hours in them over rocky desert terrain they seemed to make my feet sore compared to my Rocky SV2s which held up good.

But they are cheap, $120ish, much like a Swat.

I was initially going to pick up another set but I think I'll go with another set of Rocky's or perhaps Danners.
dangerboy said:
Also they drive CSM's crazy, we had to wear our pants bloused over them.

That's like telling somebody to blouse their trousers over mukluks, or the rubber overboot (boot, rubber, gumby)  ::)
I like these boots very much. They are probably the most comfortable boots I have worn. The first 4 months they were like wearing a tennis shoe.
I've had several pairs (6"/8" Tan/Black) over the years. The black 8" model with the upper eyelids through the leather and the other with the metallic quick lace system. The ones that have 100% of the eyelids through the leather are very comfortable, but take a bit longer to lace.  However the pair with the quick lace system had to be returned immediately as the over 50% of the metallic tabs cracked the first time I put them on.  This was not the case with the tan boots I had, so I figured that Oakley got a bad batch of metallic tabs. I contacted both Oakley Canada and Oakley Forces Canada and neither returned my emails.

If you are going to the sandbox, ensure you get the tan boots that have the sole stitched on and not only glued on. My second pair of glue only boots, which were broken in prior to my deployment lasted less than a week when the glue holding the sole on let go. I ended up buying another pair from the US Forces Oakley site who had tan boots that were stitched.

At the end of the day, I'd still buy Oakley boots.
Necro'ing an old thread, but still relevant.

I have had these exact boots for a year, and I am supremely happy with the comfort factor. However (and this is a big however), they deteriorate rapidly, and they are water magnets. Walking through a field in the morning mist will soak your feet, and if you even think of stepping in a puddle, you will have wet feet.

After 8 months, I started seeing holes worn through the bottom of the soles, the sides have started to split, and a lot of the stitching is starting to rip. I would not personally buy these boots again, even though they are supremely comfortable, and very light.
perhaps they could give you a good price on boots.  Get some buddies together, the min order for glasses is 5 pairs for the discount price.