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No challenges



Well I‘d like to say that I‘m in the army and I am not a cadet.
My bitch for today is that I hate the fact that when I‘m out on a FTX I find it amusing that we always know where the enemy is!
If you are a sec. comd. and up you will understand.
I have been on many FTX‘s of all kinds, from a 3 day to a full 5 month x when we had them way back when, I even had the priviledge of working and playing with the best (jtf2).
With all this TI all x‘s where scripted like a movie and it is getting worse for the young troops because soldier skills in the field are being lost, its sad and very boring to hear " move the pl left and another 500 meters they will be there!"

This is my suggestion: this will be at pl level

2 pl‘s red pl blue pl
each pl has a recce sect
16 grid squares of any terrain so it looks like 4 grids by 4 grids
platoons are opposet of each other and dropped of where the pl O wants the pl, from there its anyones guess where the other pl is, so now you have 2 pl‘s hunting each other down looking and trying not to be seen, you can us the recce dets or be bold and make recce dets out of half the pl or go stupid and do a/c until you make contact!
It will be more effective because all people will be challenged with skills and all the other stuff and the best it will be rewarding and fun.
People going to a jlc or iscc can be brushed up, i‘ve heard and witnessed bad cpl‘s and the likes not knowing how to nav or do a simple sect. attack!
Once again this is my idea and its just an idea but i would like to hear some feed back and i have many more issues to hack.

next will be about stupid things we do in the field.

RED CON 21 roger out!


I totally agree with your assessment. Read my Infantry Reserve training posting in the infantry room, you‘ll find it interesting.

Your ex sounds like an excellent idea. I agree with you, that we should‘nt know where the enemy is on ex. I really like the idea of two platoons hunting each other down, even better if two different regiments were involved, it would make it into a sort of competition.

Can;t wait to reply to your stupid things we do in the field posting!



I agree with you ArmyAl! I think it boils down to the fact that our senior officers. If they don‘t knwo how it‘s supposed to end they won‘t look good. I, as a sect comd cant count how many times I would make a suggestion like "hey lets use that piece of dead groound over there" or "sir! this is fucked, we‘re walking right into them, lets head a couple of hundred meters to the west and....." only for the man with the bars on the shoulder to say, no! we WILL do it this way!

I think it is not a health environment to train in...I mean if the descsions are made in some sandbox somewhere what happens if these guys have to think on thier feet and do it for real!



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Excellent idea

However like everthing else you have to get the ball rolling yourself. My suggestion is to write up an Ops Order outlining your FTX. You can get a hold of a template or better yet obtain an Ops Order from a previous FTX and adapt to yours. It is not enough to have an idea , you must work out a plan also. Then submit it up the chain of command.

I also wrote up a plan in a similar vein (yes Arty does Inf stuff once in a while) to better train JNCOs and Jr Officers. I made a master OPs Plan and the two platoons had to extract from the original Ops O and produce there own plus an Admin O.( I understand it is a lot of paperwork, but proper planning increases the sucess.)

Be aware though that the planning process for the up coming year (2000/2001) is in its final process so your ex might not happen till next year beacuse the budget has been set. But you never know.

Good Luck