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Need advice-people breaking into a cabin


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I have a hunting cabin near Petawawa/Otttawa that, along with 6 camps int he area, have started getting broken into. The odd time there was a break in over the last 28 years I've been going there but this year is the first time that people are breaking in not just to snoop around but to cause damage. Doors kicked in, windows smashed out, beds flipped.  We fixed the place up and 2 weeks later, broken into again (and again along with the other camps in the area).

A few years ago Natives were caught (but not charged with) breaking into the cabins in the area as well as burning some down. It was believed they wanted to scare people out of the area which would then mean the crown could turn the place into a Provencal park and there was something about some deal where they would run it.  Those break in's stopped after one of the cabins that was burnt down also had a sleeping hunter inside who died in the fire.

That was about 10 years ago, no idea if it's the same group or not. Either way, I need some advice on what I can do to catch these intruders.

Setting up an 870 pointing towards the door isn't an option.  They only seem to break in during the week which suggests to me it's someone local. Also 2 of the cabins in the area are in far out of the way areas, your average weekend warrior wouldn't know where they are.
I've thought about hiding out there during the week and see who approaches the cabin  but I couldn't get that time off work (And I don't trust myself not to be stupid if I catch them).

One idea was one of those hunting trail timers or two, set up strategically to try and catch pictures of their face and/or licence plates.  Are those cameras high enough quality to catch something like that?
If I did and turned it over to the police or game wardens could that hold up in court? Or could they just say they were looking at the damage that was already there or something.
Is booby trapping something like a hunting cabin (with nonlethal stuff) illegal?

Fishbone Jones

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Booby trapping isn't an option. If the person is hurt, however lightly, you are liable.

Set up some good, moton activated game cameras that can identify detail and are easily concealed. Get some good photos and turn them over to the local police.


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Cam's good. My question to you is:
A) Doe's the cabin have power(hydro)
B) do you have internet access
1. dial up/cable/wireless
as all are needed so you can monitor
via cabin/home/ by remote access ie:
computer to computer from cabin
locally (you being there or not)
Anyway the old fasion sneak n peak
can acomplish same, no contact,no
confrontation's just observe,record,
report to proper authoritie's.
Good luck on your situation. And your
problem's are solved.
Scoty B


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First question to ask yourself is what is your objective:

a) prevent entry and prevent property from being damaged or,
b) identify the culprits so you can press charges or take civil action

Either way you are looking at spending a bit of cash, so the next question is:

c) whats your budget? 

Next would be:

d) Is it possible to form a partnership with others in the area to accomplish a, b, or c?

Lot of info to consider as there are a lot of different ways to approach the problem...