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NDP to debate phasing out Canada’s Armed Forces at policy convention


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Agreed. And without handing the NDP any strategic guidance here, I wonder if they always consider themselves as a "third" alternative who occasionally become kingmakers in a minority, but are so fractured by the broad base support that they can never present a credible platform to Canadian voters in any other instance.
No party is ever elected into government in Canada. Parties are voted out. All the NDP need to do is present themselves as a viable alternative to the Liberals and they will do well. This means their party platform for an election will likely not include half the stuff that the policy convention voted for. Both the Liberals and Conservatives do this, play lip service to the policy convention and use it as a clearinghouse for ideas, rile up the base, get some nice funding and identify future leaders for the party.

The problem with political philosophies is that you'll make the wrong decision, knowing it's the wrong decision in order to align with the philosophy. This is an example of the NDP doing just that thing.