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Minister Anand announces investment of up to $3.7 billion to supply operational clothing and footwear to the Canadian Armed Forces

It's really interesting to see the clash of the historical lazy maritimer culture and the new drive the body shoot the foot culture.

Particularly in Halifax. Lots of the born and bred locals are very upset with the change of pace.
Maybe once the born and breds see the boom not only pass them by but reduce their standard of living because they aren't competitive. Then again, EI will always be there.

A buddy's son was recruited right out of his Ontario university to some job in Halifax working on something to do with nanotechnology and batteries.
The last unit is moving out of there soon.

Its getting a complete internal overhaul now. And boyo it needs it. I just did a SIV there. Disgusting. I'm pretty sure we have laws against housing convicted inmates in places like that.

I haven't been in it for almost 2 decades...it was in bad shape then. I can imagine now...
Not that long ago I saw a base-wide email saying “don’t drink the water in XX hangar” followed a day later by “the water is now safe because the WComd has accepted the risk”. I’ll bring my own water, thanks.

Similar...and we noticed when they were drilling for new wells for the Ops side...it was adjacent the runway and a taxiway...

I also don't drink the water in our hanger that was deemed safe for consumption (after being unfit for years). It was tested etc apparantly and is fine. No one knows what changed...I'll assume my own risk on that one, thanks.
I was raised in PEI, for every lazy person I know back home, I know one that works harder than 99% of the CAF.

Yup, when I was young I worked on farms back home (I'm from Prince County). Hardest I've worked in my life, some of it, including FTXs doing dismounted OP Screens and stuff. Anyone who hasn't done old-school, dug in dismounted O.P.s (done properly) might not appreciate how much suck can fit into a 72hr BTS. Riding on the back of a 6-row planter from sunup to sundown for a week or two straight, choking dust in listening to that noise...I'll take the 72hr dismtd OP screen, any season, please.
I am born and bred Cape Breton, and for every lazy person back home, I know a hundred that work harder than 99% of the CAF, and for far less.
Then we have solved our recruiting problems. Sign up those Cape Bretoners. Extra/great money for them, bonus for the CAF

Oh I forgot.

Cape Bretoners don't want to commit to anything in total, lest they commit themselves.
It's interesting how people who seem to view themselves as progressive in their thinking have no issues stereotyping people based on where they were born...
Also interesting?? How in a mere 20 years we've gone from drinking wine to making whine.
The immortal quote, "Lighten up Francis."