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Milnet Decision Game 5: Battle of Fusten Swamp


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I'll finish going through the DG4 responses this week.  In the meantime, I give you DG 5, the Battle of Fusten Swamp.  This DG is a continuation of DG 3, where all of you were bold enough to launch 2 QOR on an immediate counter-attack, driving the enemy across the Drava River and enabling 4 CMBG to establish a bridgehead on the north side of the river.

This problem moves up an echelon of command to the Brigade Group level.  As a result, you have more capability, but must also consider issues in time, space, and force differently.  This problem looks at command decision making in the horns of a dilemma.  You have a defensive task from the Commander of 1 Commonwealth Division, and are facing attacks from powerful enemies on two different axes.

Download the document CommandProblem5 and come up with a solution to the dilemma facing the Comd of 4 CMBG.  Don't get caught up in issues such as enemy capabilities or equipment.  Also note that you aren't provided with any actual orders with Commander's Intent, etc, etc.  Don't worry about it - the text explains what you are supposed to be doing clearly enough that you don't need to get fixated on prose from a written OPORD.  Also, I provided the actual PPT file, so you can easily manipulate its map to supplement any response you have.

Also, note that this scenario is based off a historical case study.  Bonus points if anyone can guess the case study.

The response can be given in a SMESC FRAGO format, or just written in plain English (ou Francais).  Remember to give your understanding of the tactical problem, and what you intend to do in light of the changing situation on the ground.

This problem will be open until 15 March 2019, after which the responses will be judged and then discussed here.  Email responses to milnetDG@milnet.ca.

Any questions can be posted to this thread or emailed to the milnetDG address. 


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It's been a couple weeks, and no responses yet.  Anyone want to help Comd 4 CMBG out?  :eek:rly:
Strange. This is the first time that I've seen this post.

I'll go over it next week.

Just bumping this one.  No responses to date - let's extend the end date out to the end of March.
Work has become stupid this month - I've got 11 days left and I'm now shifting focus to my pending release away from office operations.

I'll see if I can get something put together.