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Influence activities


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Hey all. New here. I searched but didn't find anything on Influence activities TAC OP. Anyone have any thoughts/info on this position?
I did a bit of looking into it and I am curious if its only 5th div, 36/37 brigade on the East coast of if there is a Div. on the West coast as well. Pre requisites are fairly vague as well (as is most of the CF stuff online for good reason I'm sure) Understood min. required rank is Cpl. just curious about what the actual job is and all that (ie. deployments, engagement protocol etc.) PM's are cool if info not cool to post.

Thanks for the response
Dockrill923 said:
also curious if this is an Intel job or if it is open to all trades ie. Infantry

All trades are accepted, and no it's not confined to the east coast.
Dockrill923 said:
PM's are cool if info not cool to post.

If the information is not cool to post than it is not cool to PM. Army.ca works on anonymity, for all we know you could be working for some other countries government.

I would engage your chain of command about this. Tell them that you are interested in furthering your knowledge on this subject.

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Thank you Neso, and that is a valid point Flavus, didn't consider that. I will contact C of C as suggested. Thanks all.
PM me and let me know which unit you are in, and I can let you know who in your unit the IA rep might be. Any courses or tasking must go through your CoC.