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Handheld water purifier recomendations


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Does anyone have any hand held water purifier recommendations?

Ideally looking for something to sustain 1 to 2 people for 1 to 2 weeks.  I was wondering too if the water pumps that screw directly onto a Nalgene bottle are any good?
I use this: https://www.msrgear.com/water/miniworks-ex-microfilter and have zero complaints. It's a little "slow" at about a litre a minute, but whatever.

Says the cartridge life is 2000 litres.

I've renewed mine in the field, no issues.

This is the one I've had for 20 years. Designed by PUR then sold to katydan.
I've had this MSR one for a few years and like Scott zero issues with the MSR brand (fan of their stoves, too).  I do wish it had come in a hard case.  I carry a Lifestraw for a backup (also goes in my legpocket during overland and helmet bag any other time). 


And for those times when you have SFA else to do, fill the Dromedary bag. Cheap-ish, considering, and super packable to get into a site and then have loads of water at the ready.
Thanks for the links I'll check for deals on those.  I've been using water tabs with a life straw for emergencies (never had to use it) but I feel like coming into the 21st century.
Your local MEC, and even the website, will contain loads of info to help you make decisions - no matter which product you set your sights on.
I just bought a Sawyer Mini to add to my aircraft survival kit. Internally, it's the same technology as a lifestraw, but the form factor is a little more convenient in that you can screw it onto a water bottle or the provided squeeze bag rather than drinking directly from the water source. You can also put it inline on a water bladder hose. Unlike the lifestraw, it comes with a large syringe for pressure backwashing the filter element when it starts to get clogged, so it's rated for 100000 litres (or is it gallons?) which is quite a bit more than the lifestraw. They are about the same price - $20 or so, and I think they have the same filter porosity - 0.1 microns.

Correction: The lifestraw pores are larger at 0.2 microns.