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FS Arc'Teryx LEAF Packs, OTTE Gear, OTW Shirt


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Pictures to follow in the coming days.

Located in KINGSTON, ON
Accepting CASH and CHEQUE.

Up for sale are the following items. All are in MINT condition. Most of this stuff has only been used once or twice, and while I would love to keep it, I have other kit addictions that need priority. All prices are only guidelines. If you think you have a fair offer, send me a PM and we can haggle (I am pretty flexible since this stuff ain't getting used). I am not really interested in trades at this time.

Arc'Teryx Tango Pack (Crocodile, otherwise called Coyote Tan) ---- SOLD!
Asking $350
LEAF Description

Designed for the US Marine Corp, this pack is quite literally, awesome. I have used it on two expeditions and more than gotten my money's worth out of it. It is approximately 70L in capacity. It features MOLLE/PALS looping over the vast majority of the pack, which means you can always customize it as needed, and of course increase its capacity. It features zippers that run the length of the pack vertically on both sides, so you are never more than a hand's length from your kit. It has compression straps galore for cinching down your load or as I used them, for attaching even more kit. The hip belt is enormous and very comfortable. The floating lid can be removed and used as a butt pack. It features two expandable water canteen pocks on the sides of the pack. You can even attach the Charlie pack to it to allow for day trips without the main bag, and added space with it. This pack shows ZERO signs of wear!

Arc'Teryx Charlie Pack (Crocodile, otherwise known as Coyote Tan) ---- SOLD
Asking $130

Approximately 27L, the Charlie pack is a great idea. It is designed like an assault pack (the military version of a daypack), but features a stowable set of shoulder straps and waist belt. Why? So it can be attached to the front of the Arc'Teryx Tango Pack! Not only does this increase the overall space of the Tango pack, but it also allows you to stash your essentials in bag and take off without the added weight of the "mothership". It, like the Tango pack, is covered in MOLLE/PALS webbing. It features a removable rigid backing for use with body armor. It also features a sleeve for a 100oz water bladder, as well as a port for either a bladder hose, or radio antenna. The bag is incredibly lightweight and is constructed of heavy duty Cordura nylon. This bag has never seen field time, and has only ever really been used for running with weight. IT has held up extremely well and shows ZERO signs of wear.

Asking $150 -- NEVER WORN
Manufacture's Description -- These are discontinued by the manufacturer

Bought this with the intent of using it, but never got around to it. This thing is in mint condition. No rips, tears, stains or blemishes. Is very similar to the issued raingear, but with the bonus of being better designed in general. It breathes more, makes less noise, weighs less, and has more pockets. Speaking of the pockets, they are all waterproof zippers, unlike the issued raingear! These have been ordered for several infantry units before the raingear was in widespread distribution.

Asking $90

Got this in a swap. It is new and never used. I didn't really need it, but it was a moment of CADPAT-buying weakness. Made of no-melt olive green Dri-FIRE material on the torso and CADPAT sleeves with VELCRO patches for IR patches or Morale Patches. Under the VELCRO are zippered pockets. This thing would be great for field work, or even BFTs (RSM approval notwithstanding).

Will ship anywhere at cost (no extra packaging or "processing" fees, whatever the heck those are!).

Like I said, pics to follow (hopefully, tomorrow)