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Fort St. John man's good deed catches Super Bowl attention


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Fort St. John man's good deed catches Super Bowl attention

Gary Bath has received many surprising emails and phone calls over the past couple months after he came to the rescue of an American family stranded on their way north to Alaska.
But an email he received this week from marketers in the United States asking to include his story in a Super Bowl commercial was the biggest surprise of them all.

Bath took the call Tuesday from a representative with the Merkle Group, seeking permission to share his story and pictures for a commercial for Kraft Heinz Planters, set to run during halftime of Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7.

Bath was told the company wanted to showcase his act of kindness toward others, and he happily granted permission.

"They said they wanted to highlight a good story, given everything that's happened this year," said Bath. "I was pretty floored when I got the message, I couldn't believe it. I'm quite honoured and surprised, and now I can't wait for the Super Bowl."

Bath, a Canadian ranger and military veteran in Fort St. John, stepped up to the wheel in November when a family from Georgia were caught in a snow storm at Pink Mountain and appealed for help.

Lynn Marchessault and her two children, two dogs, and a cat were on their way to join her husband, who serves in the U.S. military. But the family's pickup truck was pulling a U-Haul and did not have the appropriate winter tires to get through the winding, mountainous journey.

They began looking for someone passing through the area who could drive them and caught the attenion of Bath through their military connections and a plea for help on social media.

After some planning with his wife Selena, Bath met the family the next day, and drove them the rest of the 1,700 kilometres to the Alaska border near Beaver Creek.

The good news story made national and international headlines.

Bath said he wanted to help the family be together for Christmas, and he was doing something nice for fellow service members.

"It’s getting close to Christmas, and you don't want to see a family split up for Christmas," Bath told the Alaska Highway News. "I heard there was a family stranded who needed help, and thought if I could help them stay together, then why not do it."

Super Bowl LV starts at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 7.

One good deed deserves another....

B.C. man who helped stranded U.S. family rewarded with new car, peanuts

A B.C. man who gained widespread attention for helping drive a stranded American family to the Alaska-Canada border will soon be able to do that trip in a new car.

Gary Bath, a Canadian ranger and military veteran in Fort St. John, helped Lynn Marchessault and her family after they were stranded in a November snowstorm on their way to join her husband.

That good deed has been recognized by Planters, the American nut company, which is giving both Bath and Marchessault a new car and a lifetime supply of peanuts.
"They reached out through (Facebook) Messenger, trying to get a hold of us," Bath said in an interview. "Their message was like: 'I know this is going to sound crazy, but trust us, it's true.'"

"I was pretty shocked. I thought the story had had its run and we were done."

The nut company's gifts are part of a decision to forgo an expensive ad for the Super Bowl this year. Instead, it is using the money to recognize those who helped others. The company says it is spending $5 million on the giveaway.

One good deed deserves another....
Ok that makes sense. I didn't read in other articles that Planters donated, so I was scratching my head wondering why one would gift "a lifetime supply of peanuts".
I do a good deed and what do I get? Peanuts! Peanuts I tell ya! Oh, and a car. :D

(Off topic: why isn't this in Radio Chatter?)