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Fmr MCpl Patrik Mathews - facing U.S. federal charges/alleged white supremacist


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Let's say that independently of violence, recruitment, propaganda, or incitement, that a CAF member is found to have such views- a decent precedent would be the navy members who showed up in 'proud boys' garb in Halifax last year. They all were put on 'counseling and probation', basically the last step of administrative action before someone is released. That's for views and actions that fall still somewhat shy of outright white supremacy.

Make no bones about it: Holding supremacist/racist views of any sort is incompatible with honourable service to Canada. It reflects poorly on the military as an institution, and it compromises someone's ability to be trusted with information when they hold views that are at odds with our national interest and with the institutional ethos. Anyone so found will, best case to them, be given one and only one chance. As has been well said by others, "I cannot change your views, but I can change your employment".

I would say that anyone who even views violence in the pursuit of these beliefs as acceptable is someone who needs to be swiftly out of the military. This stuff verges on the national security world at this point.
He’ll probably get in good with a white power gang in the joint so I think he’ll be ok. 🙁