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Cuts and changes in the CF


Mud Crawler

This is so not Cost and Time effective.I mean unless i took 35 pounds, i dont think my meds will have improved or got worse.Oh yeah and i plan in a year to get dumber and maybe drop to an IQ of 65 duh!IQ is an intelligence test based on life experience basically and it can only improve.

Travis Silcox

cut these guys a break eh

anyone who seriously is into wieghtlifting or running or whatever, can tell you that 6 months makes ALOT of diffrence.

And anyone who is concussion-prone, will tell you about IQ loss. Remember in Highschool when you saw those bright kids drop alot of Acid?

And in extreme examples, teenagers tend to hit growing spurts, so if you got tested in Febuary and were 5‘6, you could be 5‘8 by August.

Or in the reverse, if your workout routine consisted of training nights and walking to the kitchen your blood pressure would go up, or you decide to take up smoking, you would be much less fit then you were 6 months prior. if you don‘t workout for 2 weeks, you lose a good majority of fitness.

please don‘t think i‘m ranting, just sticking up for the recruiting folks.

Travis Silcox
P.S. Don‘t take that Apt Test lightly


ok, but if I passed the P.T test in October, and was doing weekend QL2 till march, obviously my P.T. is still up to standard.