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CP gear. Jump ruck parts. Cadpat.


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Custom Cadpat modular back panel for Jump Ruck frame or Alice frames.
Adapt your ruck to any mission.
Attachment points for molle type pouches. Issued CF ruck pouches. Anything else you can think of.
Velcro strip for name tape.
Attaches in minutes. Frame not included.


Cadpat CP gear molle pouch - $20

Cadpat no name pouch - $10

Cadpat drop leg dump pouch - $10

Cadpat CP gear Gen 4 jump ruck bag. Heavily modified. Simpler mounting, added compression ability. $60

Cadpat CP gear gen 4 jump ruck shoulder straps -modified: remove original weird squeaky buckles, added regular fastex buckles. - $20

Polar fleece sleeping bag liner OD $20

Cadpat cp gear super berry pouch. Fits behind C9 pouch on tac vest. - $15

Cadpat molle cpgear claymore pouch. - $30

EMT or cash local in Petawawa. Buyer pays shipping via Canada Post.

Only trades considered:
Eagle AIII Large airborne ruck.
Tactical Tailor super straps or Blackhawk enhanced Alice shoulder straps in OD
Berry pouch and drop leg dump pouch remain.

Every thing else sold.