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combat boots in kingston



I was recently issued my kit, but they did not have my correct boot size.  I took a size larger thinking that these would still fit, but in fact they are too big.  Now I am leaving for BMQ in Kingston on Sunday and I was wondering if it were possible for me to exchange my boots for a proper size while in Kingston.  does anyone know if this is at all possible?

thanks for the info
Clothing Stores should be able to help you out.Usually if you're on a course,your staff has something already set up for this situation.
If your about to go on BMQ, having the right size boots is very important as you'll screw your feet up bad with sizes too big, blisters are no fun for anyone. make sure you tell your staff as soon as you can.
My course had a setup specifically for anyone that made the same mistake as you (and me ;D). Mine worked like this: tell your section 2ic that you need to make an exchange and they told you to polish them up (they don't like dirty boots) and tape them together with your name, rank, and last 3 clearly marked, along with the new size you wanted. It usually took around 2 days.