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Christopher Lee dies at the age of 93


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The veteran actor, best known for a variety of films from Dracula to The Wicker Man through to the Lord of the Rings trilogy, passed away on Sunday morning at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, according to sources.

The decision to release the news days after was based on his wife’s desire to inform family members first. The couple had been married for over 50 years.

As well as his career in film, Lee also released a series of heavy metal albums, including Charlemagne: The Omens of Death. He was knighted in 2009 for services to drama and charity and was awarded the Bafta fellowship in 2011.

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A long life and a great legacy...


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Even cooler than the fictional characters that he played in movies is the real time war service he had in WW2 with British special forces.


Yes, my son told me that fact as well.  I cannot remember what movie it was that he was starring in, but he corrected the Director on what it sounds like when you take out a human being with an edged weapon etc. 

Found it.  "While filming Saruman's death scene Peter Jackson tried to tell Christopher how to react and breathe after he was stabbed in the back.  Christopher assured Jackson that he knew what a man sounded like when stabbed in the back."

Shame to lose another great actor that I respect.  :salute:  RIP, sir.