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British Military Current Events

Patton always seems to have a quote applicable to me:

"Soldiers are always contrary. I could issue them coats without buttons and I will bet that within twenty four hours they would find some, sew them on, and keep them buttoned." Gen G.S Patton
Norman Binnall 89 years old from Burnham-on-Sea has been told he must leave his care home because he does not meet the government criteria for funding. Norman was a P.O.W in Germany for over 3 years and lost a foot at Dunkirk. He is petrified about returning home on his own with very little care. Is this the way we should be treating the Heroes who gave us what we have today. Ex-servicemen like Norman have given this country a lot, let us not ignore them in their time of need.

Sign the petition if you like...


Gurkha Officer KIA

Ghorkali Ayo

my condolences to Major Robert's family, friends and comrades in arms

Rest, your duty is done, we'll carry your burden from here on in
At the going down of the sun,
and in the morn
we will remember them!

30 more years in Afghanistan. Well done John, tell it like it is...

Typical subaltern...

Obit: Sqn Ldr Terry O'Brien DFC*

Op Banner ends

NI: Soldier's expereinces

Wot? No mention of egg banjoes? Crikey...


Queen unveils new memorial to those who've died since WW2

Well done Milos.

From The Times
September 24, 2007

Our politicians are letting down our soldiers

Sir, General Sir Richard Dannatt’s assertion that the population of Britain sent the Army to war, and should therefore show its appreciation, is not accurate (report, Sept 22 ). War was made by an executive that suspended parliamentary democracy and failed to carry the nation to war. It is hardly surprising that when they are marginalised and voiceless, people make their feelings known through apathy and indifference.

The dodgy dossier, the shameful debacle over David Kelly and the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq have eroded public confidence in politicians. We are not Americans. We are now a people less interested in jingoism and militarism. If the sight of a British army uniform in Selly Oak, or the horror of having wounded Service people’s kith and kin descend into our Surrey backyard, is enough to upset British citizens, do we really think that politically correct councillors will entertain marches through their towns? Is this really the solution to raising morale in our Armed Forces; bands, marches and football tickets? Try accommodation, hospitals, pay, equipment and decent tour intervals.

The betrayal of British soldiers began at the top, with politicians who are not leaders, with people who have bankrupted the cultural capital of this country.

They are managers and fixers of problems, not leaders. To reengage us, politicians need to carry us with their vision, mission and values – and be seen to be embodying them.

I was a soldier and officer in the Army for 20 years. Now I am one of the masses. I feel for the soldiers, but I also know the betrayal of them does not lie down here.


Farnham, Surrey
That's William, Prince William

He'll usher in a new age for the Commonwealth, mark my words. He's impossible to find fault with, He's an absolute inspiration and He, with Prince Harry are bring youth back to the monarchy. I intend to be in England one day in the hopefully distant future when HRH The Queen passes, when Prince Charles becomes King and then perhaps a few years later when Prince William takes over. It'll be an amazing time and a wonderful day/s.

In the words of Menzies, "I did but see her passing by, but i shall love her till i die".
daftandbarmy said:
Typical subaltern...


My son's 22 and up to exactly the same kind of high jinks. i think most of us were when we were young. give poor Harry a break, I say. It must be hard to live as a young man under such intense scrutiny.
The things subbies do in their leisure time.

William, the prince who would be King with his brother the Subbie who would be brash.

UK 'may increase Afghan troops' 
Britain may increase its military commitment in Afghanistan to help fill gaps in Nato's deployment there, a spokesman said.

Blair warns Iran... well done Tony.

Steep decline in future world oil production = war.

Buy gold, oil and defence stocks...


Make love, not war. EU makes soft porn film.

daftandbarmy said:
Steep decline in future world oil production = war.

Buy gold, oil and defence stocks...


This prediction brought to you by "The Energy Watch Group"

Initiator of the Energy Watch Group
Hans-Josef Fell
Member of the German Parliament (deutscher Bundestag) since 1998, Speaker for the Energy and Technology Policy of the Parliamentary Party Alliance 90/The Green Party and Chairman of the Environment Committee, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety.

With advice from


(As of: 1st October 2007)

Authors of the reports to the Energy Watch Group

Dr. Werner Zittel   
Ludwig Bölkow Systemtechnik GmbH, Ottobrunn near Munich

Jörg Schindler   
Managing Director Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik GmbH

Stefan Peter   
Institute for Sustainable Solution and Innovations

Scientific advisory board

Prof. Dr. Harry Lehmann   
World Council for Renewable Energies WCRE

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schmid   
Institut für Solare Energietechnik, Kassel

Prof. Volker Quaschning
FHTW Berlin

Dr. Rudolf Rechsteiner
Nationalrat Schweiz, Basel

Frithjof Staiss
Vorsitzender des ZSW, Stuttgart

Prof. Pil-Ryul Lee
Centre for Energy Alternative Korea

Bernhard Piller
Schweizer Energiestiftung, Zürich

Prof. Lauber
Universität Salzburg

Daniel Becker   
Ecofys, Berlin

Further scientists of the Energy Watch Group will presented soon.

Consulting support

(As of: 1st October 2007)


World Council for Renewable Energies WCRE

No Commercial Interest there I'm sure.

Prince William mourns loss of former boss