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British Military Current Events

"Trusted Mole" is a great read I bought it on the way to  Ibiza and couldn't put in down! That's saying a lot if you've ever been there.

I have wondered what happened with this case, I remember at one point there was a website set up in support of Maj. Stankovic. Personally I think 1 million quid is a tad low for what he went through, but maybe that's just me coming from litigious North America.

He's been out of the army for several years now but is taking the MoD to court for unfair dismissal, or something like that. I think the details are in his book. Got a message from ol' Mike Stanley yesterday. They're girding their loins for a good 'un. Fix bay'nets

Frontline. Daily Tory-graph feature on Iraq and Afganistan.

So where did all those British troops go after they pulled out of Basra? How about off to proxy war with Iran....

Brits destroy own Hercules. Now be honest, who hasn't ever wanted to do this to a herc at one time or another?

One man, one kit Andy...

RCMP say man dies after falling into a field while skydiving northeast of Calgary
BEISEKER, Alta. (CP) - RCMP say a man has died of his injuries after impacting into a field while skydiving near Beiseker airport northeast of Calgary.

Police said emergency medical staff including an air ambulance were called but the man died at the scene.

The name of the victim was not released, but police believe he was an off-duty member of the British military.

An autopsy to determine the cause of death is planned for Monday.

At least five skydivers have died in similar accidents in the Beiseker area since 1989.

A 2005 fatality inquiry into another skydiving death in the area recommended that the federal government should step in to regulate the sport.

© The Canadian Press, 2007
From the Tory-graph

Looks like they need a few good medics in Helmland. Get on it John!

Red Arrows to be left out of 2012 Olympics because they are too British (?). Hoo boy... hang onto your hats

Lesbian sues MoD for 15k. Only The Sun could dig up something like this...

daftandbarmy said:
From the Tory-graph

Looks like they need a few good medics in Helmland. Get on it John!


And here's the UK MoD's response to this one....


Good stuff, D&B - thanks for the work put into sharing these pieces!
Can't take all the credit. People send me tons of this stuff.

Yes, we have no pyjamas. Canada covering British ass yet again... literally.

DnB... that last one is right ove the top.

What it will take is for troops to return to the UK in their birthday suit for the MoD to get their act together.
(and we thought the CF was bad for cost cutting measures)
This is nothing Geo. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've seen. From the sign above the cookhouse hotplate that says 'only 2 weetabix per man' to a rifle company only being allowed to change 2 combat smocks per month.

More intersting tid bits

Compliments of the Russiian leader...

OK, so this is downright depressing and impressive at the same time:

Dead Soldier's Twin Heads back to Iraq

This should blow your mind... but not as much as it did the crain operator's

Army officer fined for sexual assault... with a grape? Only in Britain....