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Reposted off Lightfighter -- to bring up belt order wear stuff here...
I appreciate a small segement of the CF gets pistols - and only Tan hatted guys get to learn to shoot them at work.

The belt has practicality for non pistol users too -- BigRed has 40mm rounds on his belt etc.

I started a deluge of offers after I bitched about the quality of the TT MOLLE belt here. 

I had been chatting to a member here about my perfect belt -- I had mentioned what I want to two members here -- and a third member came up with a model that look like all I want.

Preface I still dont have that belt yet.

Our beloved Stephen first PM'd me and mailed a used ATS War Belt to me in Iraq.  Over all I was/am very happy with it -- my only problem was the damn thing does not breathe.  I spent a few long hour days (and one 31 hour day) wearing it in my nomex gear - and it was getting nasty -- plus the cordura slid a bit on my nomex.
  My only two alteration would be to add a mesh pad and something to grip the body on the inside of the belt.





I used a Pelican box as a prop - since layed out flat the belts dont give a good idea of how they wear.

However Derek (MedTech) @ ICE took all my intial desires and came up with a belt as well.





Also at the SAME time John Willis of SOE asked me my size - and sent me a belt too...




I will be writing up more -- but I wanted to get the intial stuff up at first.

I have some pics of the belts on me and others -- but I figured it was best to go with the Pelican box as it gives a unifrom idea on all three belts.

I have the most time in the ATS belt - followed by the ICE and then the SOE one.  Its just how it worked out on how I got them - and nothing specific as I think they are all excellent products -- none however are perfect (like everything in life even me)

The biggest issue I have found is the belt "body" need a GOOD internal belt - in this respect ICE won out - since they built a specific inner belt - one thing I have noted with all these belts - is riggers betls are hard to get in and out of with these - due to the need to tuck the running end both back on itself on the velcro and under the lip of the belt opening.  The "cobra" buckle solves that issue - and allows you to set the belt - and then just clip it on and off (and it wont release under pressure)

John Willis - asked me which of his two models I'd prefer - since he make a tall and short version (forgive me if I botched the terms - but one wiht a 3 row or 5 row of MOLLE).  I opted for the 5 - as with the ATS belt and the ICE belt -- to get my 1911 mags under my CIRAS and useable I had to drop them down and hang them off only one MOLLE strap.  On the 5 row version you can affixed them fully to the belt (I lent some pouches out after and waiting for new ones - so the belt did not have the mags and IFAK pouches on it during the pics -- but you get the idea I'm suree - failing that next week I will redo it.)

  Of the three belts the Willis Belt was the BOMB -- SOE has always made it their mission to make kit that one can drag/pull/lift etc people with - and there is no exception to this - also John's stiching especially his MOLLE was flawless - and done to the 9th degree for overkill.

The ATS Belt's MOLLE was not as perfect as the SOE belt -- but still very well done - (and this was a used belt Stephen did send me as a favor)...

ICE - at first glance ICE's MOLLE looks like it was sewn by a drunk -- however ICE has contour their belt - so unlike the SOE or ATS belt - they cannot do straight line MOLLE - or the pouches would not fit.

  Futher to construction all went about constructiing the basic belt in a different manner -- All seem to work - each has its own pluses and minuses.
  However I had no torubles with any of the belt drop down openings -- this could be since i am using the TT 3 pistol shingle exclusively -- and it give a great deal of rigidity to the area -- however I tried all three belts briefly with a Paraclete 1911 pouch -- and had no issues -- AS LONG AS THE BELT WAS TIGHT (comfortably tight - but not loose - I dont use suspenders yet - so I am relying on the belt to stay up on its own -- I can see running it much loose can cause issues with primarily the ICE belt in combination with a non rigid pouch).

Of the three - I would suggest you pick the one that you like best --

I mentioned changes to the ATS belt already, for ICE I would add some internal velcro to keep the subload area tight to the inner belt - and a snap to that are too.

SOE -- same issues with the internal mesh for breathing.

I think the inner belt on the ICE lent a lot of love to the ICE design -- my Spectre Gear double thick riggers belts on the ATS and SOE belts - are okay internal belts -- but they are better suited for other roles - and if ATS or SOE cam eup with an internal belt to work off the Cobra buckle I think it would add a lot to user ease of use.

I would like to see an internal armor package available for all belts -- I think Crye has a leg up on that -- while it may not be needed or wanted for all users -- I am continupusly aware of the openings under my armor and would enjoy a bit more coverage especially if combined in a belt system I will be wearing already.

My primary go to belt at this momenent is the ICE belt -- for ease of donning and comfort. I will be ordering more rigs from each of the three manufacuters in order to get some  layouts setup for loaner/course guns I have - i dont think you will go wrong with any - and your wants needs may be different from mine and prefer one version over another -- the only one I cannto recommend - and indeed recommend people to STFAF is the TT belt.

More to follow
P.S. Derek -- there's the Sig 6004 holster -- its wrapped up now.

Infidel-6 said:
P.S. Derek -- there's the Sig 6004 holster -- its wrapped up now.

AYE?! I thought all this time that it was going to be black! Instead it's in CB!!  :crybaby: oh thank you Kev  ;D you're my hero!!
yeah but as per PM I forgot it was for the P226R.

FYI - I lent the Willis belt to PhilB to use as a M203 belt etc.  so he may have some pics etc in due time

  With the CF armour the ICE belt would likley not fit (due to length of the armour and girth of the belt) -- I prefer the ICE belt and I dont have CF armour constraints...
I have used, and still happy to use the Blackhawk molle belt.

On it I usually carry (running clockwise from buckle):
Leatherman, pistol, dump pouch, 2x 30 rd rifle mags, first aid pouch, radio, 2x pistol mags, compass (in a grenade pouch)
Join the 21st Cent man  ;D
  The BH is very similar to the TT one I had intially, as well as the DBT belt.
They are not bad unless one is hanging a holster off them - due to the buckle they are touch to keep snug - then they sag and roll like my TT I picutred above
The TT one suffered some nasty sag

Also my primary wear of it was in Nomex and the suit did not work well with it.
Right now clockwise from buckle I'm running 6004, 4x40mm HEDP, med pouch, double 1911 mag pouch on the TT belt.  Not too many problems with sag, I wear the belt tight and tuck the loose ends under.
Yeah but yours is so high you have to bend to get at it...
BR, why are you refusing to get an ICE one  ;D discount for you
If I send you a 3a vest to cut up could you build it with that inside?
BR we'll have to talk off line about it. Shoot me an eMail.
Any updates on this?

The dropleg holding on to the riggers belt keep cutting into my sides and gets real uncomfortable after just a few hours. I'm looking at adding a padded belt to help alleviate the problem.
Get anyone of the ICE, CTOMS, ATS or SOE belts and you wont be upset.

  I would recommend the CTOMS and ICE belts as they are made in Canada.

I updated the threads on Lightfighter and kind of forgot about this.





Which belt is the last one shown Kev? I am currently using the worlds worst Uncle Mike's belt for a TCCC leg bag and a 226. I'm a "thinner" guy (read no hips) and it sags continuously. I am unfortunatly constrained by issued armor and vest...
Canadian Sig said:
Which belt is the last one shown Kev? I am currently using the worlds worst Uncle Mike's belt for a TCCC leg bag and a 226. I'm a "thinner" guy (read no hips) and it sags continuously. I am unfortunatly constrained by issued armor and vest...

That's a CTOMS belt with an ICE Ultimate Riggers Belt.
That's a CTOMS belt with an ICE Ultimate Riggers Belt.

Actually it's a CTOMS belt with the CTOMS Riggers/Rescue Belt if I'm not mistaken.