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Backpacking tents


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Anyone have experience with lightweight tents? I've been thinking of this for non-tactical, no one cares type exercises.
Just that they suck if you are in windy conditions, act like a big sail. I prefer a dome style that survives gusts of winds better.

Dome tents, being self-supporting, are better in all 4 seasons as well and can take a large wind/ snow load.

Here's a 20 person (standing) tent you can take to Everest.... or Shilo in winter :)

Space Station™ Dome Tent​

  • Approx. Weight Packed*: 85 lb 13.5 oz / 38938 g
  • Approx. Weight Minimum*: 77 lb 15.9 oz / 35376 g
  • Tent Capacity: 15 Person
  • Number of Poles: 15
  • Number of Doors: 3
  • Height Interior: 101 in / 256.5 cm
  • Tent Floor Area: 284 sq. ft. / 26.3 m2
  • Tent Packed Size: 21" x 36" / 53.5 cm x 91.5 cm
*Actual weight may vary. Weight minimum includes tent canopy, tent fly, tent pole.
If you are somewhere with anchor points, they make some really great lightweight hammocks with bug nets/top covers that are amazing for non-winter camping. Really great solo option, had one years ago for doing some overnighting while biking along the Bruce trail, and was about the size of a stuff k-way.

Haven't tried the ones at the link below, but can highly recommend their Mayan hammock and stand.

Camping Hammocks
Recently, I've been rocking this one person MSR tent.

I've carried it 75kms along the West Coast Trail, several thousand feet into the alpine, and a couple of other shorter trips.

It's been excellent all round, and surprisingly roomy for a 6+ footer like me:

Good recommendation, I have the 2 person hubba hubba and I love it, easy to set up, does not weigh much and I have stayed dry in some heavy rain.
I picked up a Marmot Fortress 3P last year. I haven't tested this out in winter yet, but it's rated "3+" season, and got excellent reviews online for that purpose. Plenty of room for 2 humans and a sizeable dog, plus all your gear.

Marmot Fortress 3P
I was issued a Big Agnes tent for a UN Tour. Never had a reason to unpack it while I was away but I used it on every reserve ex after I was home. Lightweight, easy to set up, never used a shelter half again.