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Attitudes towards the Liberals

Jen Gerson’s latest in The Line. Everyone is being dumb.

Amazing read.

That sums up nicely everything wrong with both the CBC, and the PP/Conservative approach/opinion toward the CBC.
This is worth listening to, regardless of which political party any of us prefer, or which candidate we personally like.

It also points out some important details of the bill which I haven’t heard the MSM clamouring to bring to our attention…

I wonder if that will come up during QP today

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Terry Glavin weighs in on the CBC and Liberals

Take away the public funds and let it survive on its own merits. Nostalgia is not a reason to throw good money after bad.

The RCN enters the chat ;)
Terry Glavin weighs in on the CBC and Liberals

Good article. Hard to disagree with Terry. I loved this quote:

The CBC’s corporate culture has always been leftish, and “the left” has always been burdened by what George Orwell called “that dreary tribe of high minded women and sandal wearers and bearded fruit juice drinkers who come knocking toward the smell of progress like bluebottles to a dead cat.”

The only CBC shows we've seen in years is the Great Canadian Baking Show and, more recently, Son of a Critch. I don't think that either one of those has "woken" me.

I'm not sure if that makes me part of the 3.9% of Canadians that watch the CBC or just a small pro rated fraction of it. Either way, while I don't doubt the existence of the left slant of the CBC, I think its impact on Canadian thought is restricted to that "dreary tribe of high minded women and sandal wearers and bearded fruit juice drinkers" and therefore is more a source of confirmation bias for those few than an influencer of the rest of us members of the great "unwashed crowd".

Was Sh*t's Creek a CBC production? Or Corner Gas?

Because I loved both of those shows!

The CBC as a news source, including The National...I drifted away from that years ago when I found the reporting on issues to be a bit too slanted for my liking, and had some holes in it to boot

Now it just seems like a blatantly left leaning source of 'news stories' that I wouldn't classify as news, nor even worth mentioning in most cases.

Whether it's the stories I scroll past on my 'Google News' from around the world, or linked stories here & there - just the titles of the links themselves make me scroll over it and roll my eyes.

And I hate that they turn the comments off of their YouTube posts when it comes to a story that actually matters... but will leave the comment feature on when it's a story about someone's cat being offended by the lack of lactose free baking options plaguing some neighbourhood it doesn't even f**king live in.

It seems insulting that the public is not allowed to comment or discuss stories of real revealence on the YouTube channel of a publically funded broadcaster.

Are Canadians happy about funding a broadcaster that doesn't even attempt to hide their woke agenda, and won't even let that very same public discuss the stories that do matter??

Did anybody even bother to ask?

And to finish my little commentary (Hey CBC, I'm fairly broke...how about hiring me to do opinion pieces? Share some of that chedda'!)

I think Covid turned me off of the CBC for the foreseeable future.

(There's a witty line in there about it leaving a bad taste in my mouth, but...too easy & I'm bagged)

But for anybody who checks out SOMNIA run by the Canadian Forces College, it became crystal clear that the CBC had an agenda more aggressive than others.

While other news organizations around the world were starting to discuss other things again, there was CBC with their fear mongering bullshit and their daily death tolls.

For like a month, as you scrolled through the news articles posted from around the world - the ONLY news outlets still doing the 24/7 Covid nonsense were Canadian media outlets.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine, and Covid magically stopped requiring daily death tolls literally overnight. Not a peep about the 'thousands dying each day of Covid' since the war began...

(Not a peep about using ground penetrating radar & going to different residential school sites to look for buried remains either. Once the election was over, all of a sudden there's nothing for them to report on...the whole news element of the CBC just makes me question things I shouldn't question)

My unsolicited 2 cents anyway...

I’m curious where the “attend drag queen event” is supposed to fit in to this curriculum.

I have zero issues with the clean portrayal of education detailed in the link, but it’s gone a bit grotesque in its delivery in some cases.
Hmm... I'm surprised CBC ran that story at all considering the CBC is 'Trudeau propaganda' , not news... Well that's what Poilievre said about the CBC on twitter, and he wouldn't lie or exaggerate and mislead...

Or, they release enough stories like this so people can point and say “see? Trudeau doesn’t control the media”.

Kind of like you did in your post 😉
I've personally never claimed that the CBC isn't left biased. It assuredly is. However, it is a big step to go from "left biased" or even "staffed by people who have a personal affinity for the LPC" to being an organization that is patently "Trudeau Propoganda".

Ya it’s not something even worth joking about.

Do you think the China Central Television would ever publish/air a story about Xi similar to the story CBC ran about Trudeau quoted above?

No but that’s comparing apples to bowling balls.
Ya it’s not something even worth joking about.

No but that’s comparing apples to bowling balls.
Ya it’s not something even worth joking about.

No but that’s comparing apples to bowling balls.

Ok I thought it was hilarious.

And some people, including some on this site, have insinuated that exact comparison.
Ok I thought it was hilarious.

I think it’s smug and although said as a joke, is one that is only partially “a joke”.

The issue with the $$ is that it was selective. A slippery slope…

And some people, including some on this site, have insinuated that exact comparison.

The worst thing now is, I can’t list a name of any balanced news/media corp - that’s one of the issues with how polarized Canada has become in recent years. Their left is so far left, right so far right…it’s hard to find a balanced message so I’ve given up looking.

This is an example of something Trudeau said that was “hilarious”.

This one is a knee-slapper too

Yup. How anyone could watch that and still vote for an MP that would keep him in office literally baffles me. Baffles. The arrogance is enraging.

“Freedom of speech” isn’t a thing I guess. You can still watch videos of police removing hecklers from his townhalls a few years back.

To the OP - if there is aggressive talk directed at the current govt, remember this is a govt that had no issue with citizens being trampled under horses not that long ago.

If anyone is “ok” with what happened in this video, on either side of the political line, there’s something wrong with you IMO.

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