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A Thread for those special people who don't know meaning of "Samples"



I am anxiously waiting for my medical to come back from Borden. I was told that there are currently 1700 medical files waiting to be reviewed. Am I crazy for thinking that it‘s taking a very long time?
Unless my interviewer was just stretching the truth to make a point, she said that there‘s usually only one person in all of Canada that reviews the Medical Files at Borden.  If 1700 is even a rough estimate, I guess we‘re all in for a good wait  :)

The thing I hate most about the wait is that it really depresses people when they don‘t get any news for months at a time. It‘s really discouraging and people give up hope.
Unfortunately, if you can‘t handle it now, you‘ll only get more frustrated once/if you enter the Army life.  Everyone I‘ve talked to (and perhaps members of the board can elaborate) states that an integral part of the Army life is playing the "waiting" game.  You‘ll constantly be waiting for everything.