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    ROTP: Pilot chances for an 18-year-old making it, and BMOQ tips/expectations

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well! I applied to be a Pilot, Air Combat Systems Officer (ACSO), and Aerospace Engineering Officer (AERE) this previous fall for the ROTP program at RMC. As of now, I have just completed my CFAST (Aircrew Selections Test) going for my aircrew medical later this...
  2. A

    Can a Reservist Switch to ROTP?

    I have a question concerning switching from reservist to ROTP I'm a college student currently studying Building Engineering Technologies, set to graduate in June 2025 and I've applied to join the reserve forces as an Infanteer in January 2024, so I can work part-time while studying and work for...
  3. S

    Interview for Inf Officer (PRes) advice

    Excited to get notified today that I'll have my interview for Infantry Officer (PRes) next week- while I've been in the application process since the spring and feel like I have a reasonable expectation of what to expect, I know it's not a quick interview and I'm expecting some tough questions...
  4. S

    What’s a good percentile for infantry?

    I apologize in advanced if this is the wrong thread or the wrong place to post. I’m still learning how to use army.ca. I just did my CFAT yesterday and was told for NCM I scored 94th percentile overall and around 77th percentile for officer. My individual scores are: 99th percentile for...
  5. T

    Release from the PRes and applying for another trade later

    I got an offer for intelligence operator, an NCM trade. However, I'm currently finishing my undergrad, and I'd like to become an officer afterwards, maybe in a different field. I know that IntO positions are very limited and extremely competitive and so is CFR. I really wanted to get EMEO, but...
  6. R

    17-year old Pre-BMOQ: How can I get ready for the CAF appearance standards???

    Hope everyone's doing well! I understand that the CAF has relaxed its dress code. As a 17 year old what appearance/lifestyle rules can I follow to be better prepared for BMOQ and life in the CAF as an officer. For example; short hair, make bed in a specific way, clean up every inch of my room...
  7. R

    JTF2 Officer?

    Can officers become JTF2 Assaulters?
  8. R

    Am I good enough to be an infantry officer?

    I know this question is probably asked a million times but I wanted to ask an answer about me specifically. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. So I graduated in 2022 and I've been working for the past year since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Recently I applied to the...
  9. B

    Would I be "wasting" my engineering degree?

    Hi, I've read through the recruiting FAQ's posted on this forum, but could not find a sufficient answer to my question. My story: I graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering earlier this year, and am interested in enlisting. The trades which are closest to my field of study...
  10. questions1234

    Is Reserve Military Police Officer (montreal area) worth it/what's job like?

    Hello, I have a psych degree, a police foundations degree and few other assorted certifications. I am looking to join military reserves in montreal area and am wondering what trade would be best, i have a friend who is in reserves and told me recruiters lie and to post here for additional...