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  1. JPastro4

    Army-Test.com: CFAT

    If anyone else has purchased the Army-test.com membership, did you find the tests to be weirdly easy? I'm not sure how similar the questions are to the actual CFAT, since I've yet to take it (April 11), but I found everything on it to be a lot easier than I expected.
  2. B

    CFAT done

    Hello to all of you again! This is my second post here. As per my last one, today I completed my CFAT and the MCC said I qualify for both my desired trades. Afterwards, he put them in order on basic of what I want more. Regardless, thank you all for providing me with the practice materials...
  3. S

    CFAT Problem solving

    Literally have my first CFAT tomorrow I'm okay on the vocab and spatial sections (through a bunch of practice exams), but 30 minutes for 30 math problems which usually require some algebra and multiplying/ dividing large numbers seems... ambitious For background, I took a 3 year applied...
  4. S

    What’s a good percentile for infantry?

    I apologize in advanced if this is the wrong thread or the wrong place to post. I’m still learning how to use army.ca. I just did my CFAT yesterday and was told for NCM I scored 94th percentile overall and around 77th percentile for officer. My individual scores are: 99th percentile for...
  5. DeadGods

    Does CFAT Score Affect Advanced Selections?

    Apologies if advanced selections isn't an actual term. I'm just wondering if my CFAT score will prevent me from going into higher level things beyond infantry i.e. cansofcom, sartech, etc. I realize these things are a long ways out and pretty unlikely for me, but I'd like something to work...
  6. R

    Am I good enough to be an infantry officer?

    I know this question is probably asked a million times but I wanted to ask an answer about me specifically. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. So I graduated in 2022 and I've been working for the past year since I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. Recently I applied to the...
  7. ThisIsMajorTom

    CFAT result

    Hello, I recently passed my CFAT, in which I honestly didn't expect to achieve. I found the CFAT to be actually really difficult, just the limited time alone, that is why you really should at least if not study but practice for it. To make things short they said I met the cut-off score for...
  8. P

    PRes Inf to PRes, Unknown CFAT Score

    Hi! I am currently a Corporal in a PRes Infantry unit. I have written up my memo to VOT to an MP unit in my area. I have been in the Forces for three years now. I can't recall my CFAT score, and I am anxious that I didn't meet the requirement when I took the test at 16. When my memo is sent...
  9. block1

    NWO CFAT Requirement

    Hi everybody, I am currently a civilian and have applied to re-align my career to the military side of the house. I applied for NWO (and only NWO as I am in no hurry to shift over) and was wondering if there is a ballpark CFAT score to aim for? I have been scoring OK on my practice tests...
  10. S


    Hey All, I was wondering if there was someone else applying to the Dental Office Training Program this year? I just wrote my CFAT, and was told that my application will be paused until I hear back from the dental schools I applied to with an unconditional acceptance. Dalhousie and Alberta both...
  11. A

    CFAT scores qualify for Sig, Intelligence, tech trades, but not Infantry?

    I would like to preface this by saying THE CAF DOES NOT OWE ME ANYTHING, and that despite the results I received, I would serve this country faithfully in any capacity provided I am given the opportunity. So I did my CFAT today and was told I didn't make the cutoff for infantry yet several...
  12. W

    CFAT score for Imagery Tech

    Hey guy, I’m new here. I’m taking my Cfat in 5 days and I’ve been practicing a lot, but I’m still very anxious about it. I am not great at math at all. Anyway I have been trying to figure out what score or percentile I would need to score in to get into an Imagery tech position. Thanks!
  13. M

    Cfat test

    Hey everyone, I am applying soon and concerned about math on the cfat. I am going through grade 11 curriculum as I have been out of school a long time. I'm applying for NCM as a structures technician. Anyone have the percentile I would need to be in to pass ? Thanks alot
  14. E

    Whats going on with pilot CEOTP? (Seneca)

    Hello all! Bear with me as I write out this message here, I am currently 15 years old and planning to join the RCAF once I complete highschool. I have been around and loved aviation my entire life so naturally, I would like to go into the pilot trade. I have been in cadets since I was 12, I do...