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    BMQ Location 2023

    Hi, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place but I was wondering where BMQ takes place for the air operations support tech trade. I know it is a reserve trade and the forces website isn’t clear about the BMQ location. if anyone knows anything about the location could you please respond to this...
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    Opinion...request 3rd CFAT attempt or just go ahead

    Hi, sorry to intrude on this conversation but I was wondering if you did fail all attempts on the Cfat does that mean you can never apply to the forces ever again? or do you have to wait a period of time and apply all over again. I’m about to write my Cfat in 5 days and I was just curious...
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    I have a question about the CFAT test. I was wondering how many chances do you get to write the test? I was told 3 but I wanted to confirm with someone on here. If I fail it more then 3 times does that mean I can never join the armed forces? I’m kind of worried about the math part I haven’t done...