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  1. J

    What was the salary listed in your offer for ROTP?

    I’m trying to figure out how much I will make as an officer cadet going to civvi u. Online says 26k a year but the salary listed in my offer didn’t match that at all. What was the salary listed in your offer?
  2. J

    Another RMC potential thread

    You’re gonna get an offer for sure as long as you’re not weird and prepare for the interview!
  3. J

    RMC/ROTP 2023-2024

    I got an offer for RMC on June 20th. They are still going out.
  4. J

    What month did you write aircrew selection?

    No one can tell you for sure. In my case I was waiting on a PLAR which helped my application but took two months. Some people get hung up on the reliability screening.
  5. J

    how do you ask for a recours?

    I know it is your dream to be in the military or whatever and this might be hard to read, but (based on your own post history) you're completely unfit to be a soldier both emotionally and psychologically. I am not surprised whatsoever that they medically rejected you and I doubt they will...
  6. J

    ROTP at Civ U?

    I should preface this with the fact that I have not been accepted into the ROTP yet, but based on a convo I had about an hour ago with recruiting, I should be on the competition list within a week or two (for Pilot). Just waiting on a PLAR to come back. I am ONLY being looked at for ROTP...