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  1. my72jeep

    Mess kit

    I look more like Q than James!
  2. my72jeep

    Mess kit

    Your going to show hem your pet snake?
  3. my72jeep

    MWO Sean Carrol, CME

  4. my72jeep

    Cpl Jess Larochelle, SMV

  5. my72jeep

    Logistics Issues in the CAF/DND

    30 years ago or so they were tearing down a few old supply buildings in Borden to build the new base supply, one day I saw a few old .303 transit boxes in he dumpster as I was grabbing them (10 or so) I read the labels on 15 other crates ( Canopy spitfire perplex 5 each. This was 1994.
  6. my72jeep

    Sgt Leonard John Edison, CD (Ret’d)

    RIP Len You were an inspiration to a young cadet. And a friend for many years.
  7. my72jeep

    The Great Gun Control Debate- 2.0

    I learned a little ditty like that when I bought my first jeep[ JEEP=Just Empy Every Pocket ]
  8. my72jeep

    Cold War Memories

    I worked in Berlin in 97,98 lived in an old KBG barracks in East Berlin it was an adventure
  9. my72jeep

    Make the rain jacket waterproof?

    Starts like a condom comerical
  10. my72jeep

    Soldier Operational Clothing and Equipment Modernization

    Sleeping Hoe?......Im going to get shot for that comment.....by my wife. Would there be a scale of issue for both officers and the men? How would sizing work?
  11. my72jeep

    Tom Sizemore dead at 61

    Rest In Peace https://ca.yahoo.com/style/tom-sizemore-dead-61-following-033148082.html
  12. my72jeep

    Gordon Pinsent, Canadian acting icon, dead at 92

    Rest In Peace Gordon
  13. my72jeep

    Raquel Welch, One Million Years B.C. Actress and Hollywood Sex Symbol, Dead at 82

    Raquel Welch, a longtime actress, international sex symbol and Golden Globe winner, has died, PEOPLE confirms. She was 82. https://ca.yahoo.com/news/raquel-welch-one-million-years-200425372.html
  14. my72jeep

    CAN Enhanced (Permanent?) Fwd Presence in Latvia

    1983 4CER Germany we were issued 2 white cotton Landry bags with 2 blue stripes . We put our melmac cup plate bowl and KFS in one, and dirty clothes in the other. The one with the dishes went into a bin in the carrier the other to the Landry when you got it back clean you swapped it for the now...
  15. my72jeep

    Favorite Issued Kit

  16. my72jeep

    Queen Elizabeth II, 1926-2022

    Long Live the King
  17. my72jeep

    Preserving Army Fleets

  18. my72jeep

    Bitter debate over the (US) Fleece Jacket is settled

    Wile pulling on your gloves and grabbing you rain coat
  19. my72jeep

    Poncho Liner Ranger Blanket US vs Canadian?

    I liked using my Canadian issue ranger blanket as a mattress cover whenever I I was issued a mattress with questionable parentage Not a lot of bugs were able to crawl through that thing