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  1. 211RadOp

    CFSCE general info

    It has been a few years since I was at CFSCE, but here are the answers: 1. The norm is that you are expected to live in barracks while undergoing DP1 with, depending on course numbers, up to three roommates. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between. 2. If you live in, you...
  2. 211RadOp

    Old Sweat- LCol Brian Reid [retired]

    I first met Brian in '70 when he was at Staff College with my father. A couple of years later, Brian and dad were both posted to Gagetown. Brian rescued a puppy from the impact zone (I just learned this part at the service on Friday) and promptly brough the pup and some beer over to our house...
  3. 211RadOp

    Walts, posers & wannabes (merged)

    Calgary man charged with weapons offences, impersonating a soldier Dave DormerCTVNewsCalgary.ca Digital Producer @dave_dormer Contact Published Thursday, July 22, 2021 9:16AM MDT CALGARY -- A Calgary man accused of posing as an ex-military member and providing survivalist training under false...
  4. 211RadOp

    PLQ / AJLC changes again....

    I joined as a Rad Op in '88. After Basic we went to Borden for Driver Training then onto CFSCE for the remainder. This included Land Tactical Training where we learned how to live and fight in the field. With the creation of BMQ-L, LTT disappeared. I don't know where you got your numbers...
  5. 211RadOp

    Question facile: comment on dit NCO en français?

    Selon the manuel des abréviations "NCO" est "s/off" pour sous-officier. http://admim-smagi.mil.ca/assets/IM_Intranet/docs/en/managing-information/terminology/manual-abbreviations.pdf
  6. 211RadOp

    ACISS / Sig Op

    The Qualification Standard (QS) and Training Plan (TP) were approved on 4 Aug 20. Unfortunately, some people still refer to ACISS rather than Sig Op. ACISS no longer exists as a current trade. Glancing at the TP, there is a few differences between ACISS DP1 and Sig Op DP1 but I have not gone...
  7. 211RadOp

    Signal tech training - kingston

    POET will be done at CFSCE in Kingston. As for being in barracks, it is very possible that you may be. You can ask to live out, but it may not be granted right away or at all. When I was at CFSCE, the approvals were few and far between so don't bank on it.
  8. 211RadOp

    One Canadian military member missing from HMCS Winnipeg

    The search has been called off  :'( https://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/search-called-off-for-master-sailor-from-winnipeg-believed-to-have-fallen-overboard-1.5233391
  9. 211RadOp

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    Latest on the two Michaels. https://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/china-says-2-canadians-have-been-indicted-tried-1.5225036
  10. 211RadOp

    Why the Emotional Support Dog Ban Is Good for Everyone

    So I can't bring my "emotional support" dog on the plane.  How about my squirrel? Well I guess I can't on Frontier Airlines anyway. https://www.washingtonpost.com/transportation/2018/10/10/woman-brought-her-emotional-support-squirrel-plane-frontier-wouldnt-let-it-fly/
  11. 211RadOp

    Canadian soldier claiming $60,000 in damages from Armed Forces

    More at link https://www.thewhig.com/news/politics/canadian-soldier-claiming-60000-in-damages-from-armed-forces-after-they-spread-his-medical-information-lawsuit/wcm/1cba582f-744d-4d6e-b679-eb62be2a11f8
  12. 211RadOp

    Vienna - Complex attack / active shooters Nov 2nd 2020

    Article updated to add: "Nehammer later told APA that the dead assailant, who had roots in the Balkan nation of North Macedonia, had a previous conviction under a law that punishes membership in terrorist organizations."
  13. 211RadOp

    Vienna - Complex attack / active shooters Nov 2nd 2020

    Update: 5 dead including an attacker 15 injured including a Police officer Attacker had a suspected ISIS connection Austrian Army has sent troops Germany and Hungary have offered tactical police units https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/5-dead-in-vienna-shooting-attacker-sympathized-with-is-1.5171421
  14. 211RadOp

    Wanted Wanted to buy: Canadian Signals Badges

    Walt, The C&E Museum would have some of the stuff you are looking for.  The location is closed, but online orders are being taken. https://themercuryshop.myshopify.com/
  15. 211RadOp

    Seen on Highway 17 west of Ottawa, last few days

    The Brits heading to Suffield maybe?  They bring their vehicles in through Montreal and forward them there. Edit to add: It looks like BATUS is doing it's annual fleet rotation.  Vehicles were railed out of Suffield about three weeks ago.  I don't know if they unload them in Pet and road move...
  16. 211RadOp

    Covid 19 isolation camps across Canada? Call goes out to contractors

    CFJOSG was running Isolation Facilities for pre- and post-deployment isolation for the CAF up to the end of last month and it has now been passed to the force generating L1s.  I know the Army was looking at the possibility of using contracted facilities. Maybe this is what this is for.
  17. 211RadOp

    What Should I Know? Careers in the Navy..

    July 2021. Looking forward to it after 37+ in uniform.
  18. 211RadOp

    What Should I Know? Careers in the Navy..

    Was not aware of the change in Stewards.  Mind you last time I saw one was when CFE Lahr was still open. Don't want to go back to JSR?  ;D
  19. 211RadOp

    What Should I Know? Careers in the Navy..

    Also, some of those trades Lumber mentioned are "Purple" trades, meaning you may end up posted to Army or Air Force units: Steward (STWD) Supply Technician (SUPP TECH) Cook (COOK) Human Resource Administrator (HR Admin) Financial Administration (Fin Admin) Logistics Officer (LogO) NAVCOMM can...
  20. 211RadOp

    Signals Officer

    Not quite, having lived in dorms at University and having lived in barracks while on training.  There is a much higher level of professionalism required for you military courses than for university courses. Also, Sig is a generic term for Signaller as well as what a Pte in the RCCS is called. ...