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  1. G-Fresh

    "Sig" or "Sigs"??

    Pinto, Thanx for the informative post.  I've been having disagreements with people on the topic for several years.  It always helps to be able to go to people with the reference in hand.  Thanx again.  :cdn: :cheers:
  2. G-Fresh

    Field Expedient Antennas

    Good to see that people are becoming more interested in the lost art. ;) I have been lucky enough to teach at the School and on an Infantry Comms course.  Teaching the construction of field expedient antennas was probably the most enjoyable class I have ever taught.  The students seemed to...
  3. G-Fresh

    Field Trip

    hehehe, just enough to keep you from sleeping. >:D
  4. G-Fresh

    waiting for training

    Hey thanks guys for the help, another question.   What are the chances of getting a deployment as a Sig Op reservist?   Thanks again.   Ref your question, I am a res sig op, been in for 4 1/2 years.  Went overseas when i was 18 (youngest on the camp).  If you have the time available to devote...
  5. G-Fresh

    291 R? Will it happen?

    This R291er thing haunts me everywhere i go, everyone asks about it.  I guess some of the other units haven't been getting the same quality briefs that we have here in Kingston.  In my opinion it is not such a bad thing, it may suck for Res EW in the future b/c 2 EW will be able to get personnel...
  6. G-Fresh

    Funny Stories

    Stuck enough that the ******* wouldn't move. I remember that, we did way to much digging that exercise.  we shoulda made them little no-hooks do the work instead of standing around with their thumbs up their *****.
  7. G-Fresh

    Signals Personnel

    I'm one of the few trying to jump the fence
  8. G-Fresh

    291 R? Will it happen?

    Just had a briefing couple weeks ago, about to get another one in April.  Yes it is going to take a while for the QL3 course to be stood up.  They have taken bits and pieces from the regf course and other EW courses and have a rough idea of what they want to teach.  The course as it stands right...
  9. G-Fresh

    Signals Personnel

    Kingston, Res EW Sqn