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    RCR battalions

    Incorrect, 3 RCR is a light infantry battalion.
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    Infantry Officer 2010-2011 Training Schedule?

    There has been a DP 1.2 serial run the past two winters. Expect trg from start (BMOQ) to finish (DP 1.2) to take a total of two years, give or take. After DP 1.1 you'll be a qualified Pl Comd, and as such will be employable in a variety of jobs. If there is a large gap between DP 1.1 and 1.2...
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    Personal addons to the standard issued tac vest.

    Figured I would add my 2 cents here, I have a HSGI 2 qt pouch on my left hand side with a TT Mag Shingle with a TT Grenade pouch attached to the front. These are secured to the Tac Vest by CP Gear Modular Tac Vest Adaptors. The shingle is within ready reach and good for a quick reload. The...
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    The Sleep Superthread- Apnea/ Disorders/ etc.

    I find keeping the body/mind moving key during times of sleep dep, especially during those 0100-0400 hrs when the body naturally expects to be racked out. When in a leadership position I found this easy as there is always something to do. However, when rifleman #1 and the task is to staticly...
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    HUGE post deployment sale- SOE, Eagle, EGL, TT & more! Get your kit for tour!

    PM sent re: "Boris" belt sleeve and Dropzone mod tac vest panels.
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    Sound off: What are you doing right now? Aside from the obvious being on here..

    Listening to my Detroit Lions get blown out of the water by the Titans.
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    What book are you reading now?

    Juno Beach by Mark Zuehlke. I have already read Gothic Line and recommend his line of works to everyone.
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    Interesting Fact About SQ + BIQ... SQBIQ???

    SQ is still known as SQ. There has been no change in it's name, however it is 4 rather than the 7 weeks it used to be. Those three weeks were taken from SQ and added to BMQ. As it currently stands, aspiring infanteers go straight from BMQ to DP1 Infantry.