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  1. Pte.M13

    Small Pack Issue

    well, i just got issued my small pack and being a reserve sig out west, i find the thing great, took it with me to quebec for a weekend long course, did the job fine. rarely do i see winter conditions, so no worries on the buckles, rarely am i dismounted, no worries about loading awkward items...
  2. Pte.M13

    Sig Op hopefuls out there

    requires a licence does it? huh... guess that changes from res to reg, cause i many reserve sigs that don't have thiers (mostly highschool kids that joined at 16), however you do need to get your 404's for LSVW as soon as possible.
  3. Pte.M13

    Field Expedient Antennas

    made a couple antenna's last month, overall one of the better classes i had all summer, we made one sorta like a tee pee with 3 radiating elements coming down from the cobra head (lets you connect your wd1 to your coax) at the length appropriate for your freq, and then at the bottom we used...
  4. Pte.M13

    Too Quiet

    hehe, and then 0502 beat 0501, and will again this week to firmly put them in thier place ;D
  5. Pte.M13

    combat boots in kingston

    If your about to go on BMQ, having the right size boots is very important as you'll screw your feet up bad with sizes too big, blisters are no fun for anyone. make sure you tell your staff as soon as you can.
  6. Pte.M13

    QL3's may24 - July 22 (R215)

    i'll be there starting may 30th, so one week later for my 3's... couple guys at my unit will be on your serial
  7. Pte.M13

    What is the best training exercise you were ever on relating to sigs?

    i remember that ex, was sleeping and i heard all this yelling, so i woke up and went to see what was going on... all i hear is 'God damn vancouver is cheating!'  hehe, we did another one of those this year, battleship game.... with senior girls volleyball provincials right next door... man did...
  8. Pte.M13

    Your Favorite piece of Issue Gear

    just gotta go somwhere hot enough  ::)
  9. Pte.M13

    "communications" & "signals"

    no, anybody with radio skills can be a signaller, basically know VP, and how to work your radio, bit of antena theory, etc.. if you are a SigOp (the guys with communications units) and end up tasks to an infantry unit, you are likely there as a SME (Subject Matter Expert). and you will be...
  10. Pte.M13

    Webbing mag pouches

    hehe, it's a 2 second penalty for not closing your pouchs... once you slap that hand guard your 'supposed' to be done.. me? i just ate the two second penalty and scored quite well... however it's obviously still a good idea to practice closing them, i know alotta guys lost mags in our night...
  11. Pte.M13

    Status of aquiring combat glasses

    far as CF regulations go, i don't think your even 'allowed' to wear your contacts in the field, for the same reasons mentioned above.. how bad is your vision without your glasses? you could get a very durable carrying case and simply not wear them most of the time.. i mean the times i can see...
  12. Pte.M13

    LSVW and ILTIS Replacements (Silverado & G Wagon)?

    yup, though the tires they come with i guess arn't so good offroad, not that we can go offroad anyways... *sigh* why do they do this too us :( nice new trucks, can't do anythin with em...
  13. Pte.M13

    LSVW and ILTIS Replacements (Silverado & G Wagon)?

    right... no offroad.. another unit that will remain un-named i know already went and tested thier new milcott.. blew all four tires... i have no idea... but they did. ofcourse they wern't offroad tires.. needless to say i'm sure it never went over well, but thier millcott is back in the...
  14. Pte.M13

    Sig Op to Lineman????

    ah, you guy's arn't primarily NCCIS i guess... that or i'm totally lost  :o  i guess it changed.. suprise... i bet some of our linemen would be happy to know this though, they're not so happy bout turnin sig op and have been considering movin..
  15. Pte.M13

    Sig Op to Lineman????

    that's not what i heard about the line trade at all... I'm just across the water from you in 748 and while we're not immediately losing our linemen, they've been told there's an almost certain chance they'll have to remuster to sig op, or move to the one comm unit in Canada that will be entirely...
  16. Pte.M13

    LSVW and ILTIS Replacements (Silverado & G Wagon)?

    I imagine they could load a pod on the milcott just like they have the clack... sure would make this sig op happy if they did.. hell if your working with NCCIS gear, you could even use the cargo milcot really... shame they won't trade us our LS's for more :(