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    BMO/BMOQ offers 2022

    While I don't have much issue with the 12 days, as I believe its adequate, there are definitely issues within their timeline. For example I am somewhat baffled at the time they wait from new Fiscal year numbers April 1st to actually sending out offers to BMOQ around July. There's no reason to...
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    Well first off, best of luck! There are some internet hand-eye tests that you can roughly gauge your ability within, however I find sometimes the feedback from mouse to website delay can hinder perfect feedback. As someone who has been in sports my entire life, I would recommend getting your...
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    BMOQ/BMO 2022 - Regular Force

    Hi! Yeah this is all from the application portal you posted, however the dates are done off of recollection. Are you still in the application process, or are you on the competition list? For my portal they never updated past 'READY FOR MEDICAL / INTERVIEW' until I had gotten to the competition...
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    Application Process Samples [ 2019-present]

    Recruiting Center: Ottawa, ON Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Trade choice 1: AERE Trade choice 2: Trade choice 3: Application date: April 14, 2021 First contact: April 17, 2021 CFAT: July 27, 2021 CFAT Results: July 27, 2021- Successful Medical: August 18, 2021 Interview: October...
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    BMOQ/BMO 2022 - Regular Force

    Congrats!! :giggle:
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    BMOQ/BMO 2022 - Regular Force

    Thought that its a good time to get 2022's BMOQ/BMO thread going! Heres my current recruitment progress. Feel free to add yours below and we can see who are in the same Basic Training sessions! Recruiting Center: Ottawa, ON Regular/Reserve: Regular Officer/NCM: Officer Trade choice 1: AERE...
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    Site Administration Major Server Upgrade [12 Jan 2022]

    Ah okay! Been managing to find certain things, but glad to know I'm already on the best method and am not missing something! Thank you Mike!
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    Site Administration Major Server Upgrade [12 Jan 2022]

    Seem to be unable to open threads from previous years. For example, all the DEO numbers threads from the FAQ page here don't seem to work. Any known work arounds? Thanks! Recruiting FAQs (This one should work) But the links within such as this sadly doesnt...
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    From Selected to enrolment

    You can likely expect anywhere from a day to a week-ish to get the official offer and you will enroll around that time. They usually go out roughly 1-2 months before training starts but can range more due to maybe filling in a drop-out at the last moment, to them primitively offering you for the...
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    DEO AERE Officer application waits/delays?

    Hi all! Cluster of advice needed here! I have recently reached the "FINAL PROCESSING" portion of my application, but getting worried about the timeline towards actually reaching an offer/basic training so that I can make AOBC this year. Pretty much asking for any help on: Average wait time...