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  1. lenaitch

    A Deeply Fractured US

    This is way out of my wheelhouse but my understanding is he doesn't have much choice, and the SCOTUS has ruled that the federal court can order enforcement. Article 4, clause 2 of their Constitution: A Person charged in any State with Treason, Felony, or other Crime, who shall flee from...
  2. lenaitch

    A Deeply Fractured US

    No treaties needed by extradition is still required. It's in their Constitution. Some states also require an extradition process between jurisdictions within the same state ('intrastate extradition). Remember that criminal law is state-based. I assume movement between states for a federal...
  3. lenaitch

    Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    Commissioned officers in the OPP do not have a legal bargaining unit. Their pay and benefits exist on a Letter of Agreement that says they will get what the members get, signed by a Deputy Minister . . . in 1998. I could be gone at the stroke of a pen.
  4. lenaitch

    Allowances - Post Living Differential (PLD) [MERGED]

    Clearly an outsider, but I don't any conceivable CAF union/association/bargaining unit drawing a whole lot from civilian counterparts, even law enforcement. There are so many aspects that make a military what it needs to be that simply don't, or can't, exist in the civilian world. Perhaps a...
  5. lenaitch

    Sureté du Québec (SQ) Officer Murdered, 27 March 2023

    Agree with both you and Kevin. I'll add too that tactical (ETF, ERT, SWAT, etc.) train and work as a a team, as opposed to regular members who, at most, might have a partner, who may or may not be the same person each shift. It's hard for a patrol member to be 'en guard' for every single...
  6. lenaitch

    Active Shooter In NS. April 19 2020

    I think it is way south of that. A 2021 document I saw said Kentville is in the mid-$70s. A buddy lives in Annapolis Royal which has a 3 or 4 member department. He is moving because of the high property taxes. Most of these small departments rely on the RCMP or Halifax for services such as...
  7. lenaitch

    Haitian leaders must all agree before Canada would lead a potential military intervention, Trudeau says

    When travelling in the US, I learned fairly quickly to ask for 'sweet tea' when I want what we know as iced tea. In many places, you ask for iced tea, you get . . . cold tea. I've not encountered it but a buddy once ordered cheese with a slice of apple pie. He got essentially a grilled...
  8. lenaitch

    High Ranking Police Folk Allegedly Behaving Badly

    I have a friend in that detachment. Both he and the other member (mentioned in the human rights article) are generally described as a waste of oxygen and will milk all of this for as long as possible. One problem for the detachment is that the positions cannot be backfilled, so they run short...
  9. lenaitch

    Sureté du Québec (SQ) Officer Murdered, 27 March 2023

    Agree. It is pounded into police training that the use of deadly force is an absolutely last resort and only self defence/defence of others, and that the people encountered are part of the community. The line between good guys and bad guys in most front line interactions are much more grey at...
  10. lenaitch

    Unprovoked Toronto Subway Murder Suspect Was “out on numerous releases"-Article 27/03/2023

    The Toronto Star ran a bit of a summary of the accused's criminal history. https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2023/03/29/accused-ttc-killer-was-on-probation-for-toronto-sex-assault-had-been-ordered-into-mental-health-counselling.html The line that jumped out at me was a sentencing for assault...
  11. lenaitch

    2 Edmonton police officers shot and killed

    And the long-term numbers would bear that out, but they are historically skewed. In the past, there were more armed robberies (I'm thinking institutional, such as banks), banks had a lot more ready cash, and cops used to just rush into the scenes. Little of that happens now. Domestic calls...
  12. lenaitch

    Unprovoked Toronto Subway Murder Suspect Was “out on numerous releases"-Article 27/03/2023

    I think it was fairly common 'back in the day'. I did one summer in college as a 'green hornet' (parking enforcement) out of 14 Division and later, working for Eaton's, we dealt with 52 Division. The 52 Division Detective Office was noted for its 'creativity'. Probably the most legendary was...
  13. lenaitch

    Unprovoked Toronto Subway Murder Suspect Was “out on numerous releases"-Article 27/03/2023

    Settling a debt, no doubt. I always liked the Kingston area, but it has more shitrats-per-square kilometer that most other places its size. Either the missus moving close to hubby for visitation, buddy getting released and hanging around the area or, likely these guys, competitors camping out...
  14. lenaitch

    Unprovoked Toronto Subway Murder Suspect Was “out on numerous releases"-Article 27/03/2023

    I'm not sure the Emanuel Jaques murder (the 'shoeshine boy') was the end of the line for Toronto-the-good but it certainly was a station stop. As a kid growing up in the '60s, I had no concern riding the subway; I used to do it end-to-end just because I thought it was cool, or wandering the...
  15. lenaitch

    Unprovoked Toronto Subway Murder Suspect Was “out on numerous releases"-Article 27/03/2023

    "A full-on failure of the justice system". Absolutely. There has been a lot of recent press on reforming the bail system - which is good and needed, but it's only a slice of the pie. It is unfair to lock up people, who we have to remember are not yet convicted in their most recent escapade...
  16. lenaitch

    Harmful Masculinities and the Threat to Force Readiness in the U.S. Military

    And he managed to accomplish that in two years. Quite a feat. :ROFLMAO:
  17. lenaitch

    Chinese Military,Political and Social Superthread

    He (his lawyer) has probably figured out or assumed that there is no hope in getting enough 'balance of probabilities' evidence against them. The agency along with its information, sources and methods is not compellable. 'To lazy to work for it - too honest to steal it'. That's the problem...
  18. lenaitch

    Make the rain jacket waterproof?

    Actually, quality motorcycle raingear is both dry and breathable. The main problem areas are seams and, obviously, openings. It's a long way from the old heavy slickers where you rained sweat inside. A good waterproofing spray should help.
  19. lenaitch

    Little bit of Naval Aweseome (HMCS OTTAWA ships moral badge)

    You're right, and I have to admit my position on this keeps moving. Symbolism and engagement seems to me to be the strongest approach. No decision will ever make everybody happy. I guess my spidey senses illuminate when I see initiatives such this (or renaming a street, school, hockey team...
  20. lenaitch

    Pension Split

    I think you have received some good advice here. I'm not the sharpest knife in the financial drawer and when I was working, I simply didn't have the time (or interest) to navigate the savings/investments/stack market/tax deferral world, so I got a financial advisor. Yes, they have a cost, but...