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    first Posting

    Hello there, You will have to give 3 choices of where you want to be posted. But at the end, they will send you where they need you to be. when I joined, 7 years ago, I asked for Montreal or Quebec, they sent me to Petawawa even though I had a son in shared custody and a sick mother to take care...
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    Application Reg Force procéder rapide!

    J'ai envie de dire : profite de la vague ! Le processus est différent pour tout le monde. La moyenne reste de plusieurs mois, mais si tout a pu être fait pour toi dans un délais aussi rapide, c'est génial. En effet, maintenant que tu as eu l'entrevue et le médical, il ne reste qu'à attendre...
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    Question facile: comment on dit NCO en français?

    Si tu es sur l'intranet, tu peux trouver ici la terminologie dans les 2 langues avec la description aussi : Defence Terminology Bank (mil.ca)
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    Have all hope until they give you the answer. You seem to be doing what is necessary to keep a healthy life, keep doing all these efforts! Again, good luck. I am crossing fingers for you. 🤞🏼
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    Hey there, I got in with a diagnosis of PTSD. I had to explain all circumstances, my doctor had to write letter(s) to confirm that I can handle high stress and I saw psychiatrist and psychologist also. Took a year to Ottawa to come back with a big yes ! Be honest, that's the only thing you can...
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    Grade 11 marks

    For the CFat, there is no miracle. You will need to practice. https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/dnd-mdn/documents/jobs/20170906-preparing-for-aptitude-test.pdf If you'd like to prepare. Then look online to get more similar exercises and… practice. Good luck !
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    Contingency Cost Move ( CCM )

    Hello there, It's an old trade, but I have an inquiry about CCM, so I figured I should post here and not open a new post. Is there any one around that has experience in CCM or is good in wording that could help me with my memo ? I am a french speaker and even though I can communicate pretty...
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    Medical Application Psychiatric Question

    I plus the fact that being honest is a good idea! Here’s my 2 cent : I got in with a diagnosis of PTSD. I didn’t lie. I told all the reasons why I had this mental health issue, 9 years before my application. It’s not easy, but I think it is important ! My file got stuck in Ottawa for a year...
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    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    I see, thanks for your kindness 😊
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    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    Thank you for your answer. I'm a french speaker so if I understood correctly, as long as I can reach the MOSID standards, I have my chances ? So for exemple, if I can't run but it's not on the MOSID standards for my trade, but I can do everything else, it's ok ?
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    Posting Policy-Out of Canada (OUTCAN) [MERGED]

    Hi, I made some research on Google but didn't find the right answer to my question so excuse me if it was already asked. I was wondering if being on a PCat prevent me to be posted OutCan ? Thanks !
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    Questions Médicales

    J'ai appelé ce matin puisque j'ai envoyé mes derniers formulaires la semaine dernière (savoir si le tout avait bien été acheminé) et le Sergent-Recruteur m'a dit que ça pouvait aller jusqu'à 6 mois, de ne pas m'attendre à avoir de réponse d'ici 2-3 semaines. Wait & see.