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  1. Bluebeaver

    DEO 20/21 Intake numbers? DEO Log O

    There were a few DEO Log Os in the March 2021 BMOQ. So, they are definitely still hiring. Keep it up.
  2. Bluebeaver

    2021 BMOQ

    Usually (pre-Covid), BMOQs are typically held in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Summer BMOQs candidates are normally reserved for RMC students. So, yes, your information about the next DEO BMOQ is being held in Fall (Aug/Sep) is a likely scenario. Some DEO may be included in the Summar BMOQ...
  3. Bluebeaver

    March 20th BMOQ

    Phwaker, congratulations. My wife is heading to the same BMOQ. Let me know if you have any questions wrt BMOQ (or even CAP). I joined CAF about ten years ago as a CE Officer. I still remember the day I received "the call". All the best and take care of your feet!
  4. Bluebeaver

    how long?

    It depends on your specific trade. You will likely being posted somewhere near your original residence doing On-the-job training (OJT), while waiting for your next phase training.
  5. Bluebeaver

    2021 BMOQ

    The next BMOQ is scheduled for 22 Mar 21.