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  1. cyber_lass

    Cyber Op training

    I am not sure about CT. But from BMQ they are getting folks to find their own accommodations within Ottawa.
  2. cyber_lass

    Mandatory Service in Canada (split fm Ukraine - Superthread)

    Bringing in people now is not the problem. It is bringing in the right people. Offer better terms of employment and you would have the same thing. I took a huge pay cut to join, as I wanted something different for bit. But I an guarantee if it doesn't get better I won't renew. Cool...
  3. cyber_lass

    Acting Chief of Military Personnel on Diversity, Inclusion, and Culture Change Short-Term Initiatives

    I come from the private sector and we have the problem (at least in tech) that many people want to move up to "management" because it means higher pay, not because they want to leave being technical. For the longest time there was no way to get more pay increases without going into management...
  4. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    I don't know my platoon number, just start date.
  5. cyber_lass

    Justin Trudeau hints at boosting Canada’s military spending

    No joke... Think of all the heteronormativity in Disney. Even child marriage is encouraged. To say Hollywood hasn't pushed an agenda, well you would have to be blind or someone who was apart of the agenda it was pushing, aka straight, and white. Start trek and Mash as well.
  6. cyber_lass

    Applicant status closed

    Not that I know of... but I would follow up with your recruiting centre, they would know why.
  7. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    40... ;)
  8. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    I am just over 60... old lady here... lol.
  9. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    Yes to both. Shouldn't be NCM, but it is... Anyways... onwards and upwards. I got my PLAR, so that is kind of cool.
  10. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    I swear in next Monday...
  11. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    kind of in the name... Don't know which course....
  12. cyber_lass

    BMQ April 11th 2022

    I am... but not from Ontario... ;)
  13. cyber_lass

    Moving On

    Very sorry to hear your goal didn't pan out. Sometimes disappointments at the time seem like the end of the world, but then in retrospect was the best thing. I was to go into the forces 20 years ago. Not going in was probably the best thing that ever happened to me, I got to live and travel the...
  14. cyber_lass

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Only a fellow Uke would mention nachenka! ... Miss that crack... :)
  15. cyber_lass

    Ukraine - Superthread

    Not "the Ukraine", only "Ukraine"... I see more China making a move on Taiwan more than Russia...
  16. cyber_lass

    Approved LaTeX compiler?

    As a noobie, the bar is low... :) JK... Considering I know many civvi places look funny at my use of LaTex, I take it as a good sign that at least some in the CAF know about LaTex.
  17. cyber_lass

    Approved LaTeX compiler?

    Renewed faith in CF... lol, using LaTex... cool.
  18. cyber_lass

    Selection dates.

    They don't release those numbers. Sometimes i have heard recruiters telling you these numbers, but generally they don't tell you.
  19. cyber_lass

    In-Demand Trade Confusion

    Why those trades? Why not cyber? If you have a comp sci degree and some certs, you could get PLAR and get in probably quite easily. I know it is not an officer trade, but if you truly want to be hands on with those credentials, cyber would probably be your best bet. I went in for cyber, no CS...
  20. cyber_lass

    PLAR assessment

    My trade is spec already. Nothing compared to my private sector job, not going in for pay. But the rank is a nice bonus and also I skip all but the military training component of my trade.