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    "Terror"drama series depicts HMS Terror's crew in Sir Franklin's expedition

    People on other forums say this is more based on the novel "Terror" by Dan Simmons than the actual Sir Franklin expedition. ComingSoon.net Jared Harris (MAD MEN) will play Captain Francis Crozier, commander of the HMS Terror and the expedition's second in command. Ciaran Hines (GAME OF...
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    Billy Lynn's long halftime walk (movie on US Soldier in Iraq War)

    Another movie on a heroic US Soldier during the Iraq War: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (trailer)
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    Satellites show Pakistan building new uranium enrichment facility- Sept.2016

    Cause for India to worry? Satellite imagery suggests Pakistan building uranium enrichment facility IHS Jane's 360 - 16 September 2016 Airbus Defence and Space imagery showing the progress of construction at the possible new uranium enrichment complex near Kahuta. Source: CNES 2015...
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    KC-Z Stealth tanker to be considered by USAF?

    From drone tankers mentioned recently to stealth ones: Defense News
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    Feminist groups want notorious pickup artist kicked off UBC campus

    The comments section at the article source below really is heartwarming.  :facepalm: Daily Hive
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    Shipyards that service USN now using Chinese-built drydocks

    Reminds me of the "fake Chinese parts in US aircraft" issue a few years ago: Shipyards Serving US Navy Already Use Chinese-Built Drydocks Breaking Defense - September 16, 2016
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    Philippine president Duterte wants to kick US SF troops out of Southern Phil.

    Déjà vu of 1992: this is more to indicate that Duterte is a puppet of China. A Chinese sponsored railway for his constituents in the South is his price for giving up the Philippines' South China Sea claims and for taking an anti-US stance. Reuters
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    Tom Hanks may star as WW2 CO of destroyer in "Greyhound" movie

    Given his performance as Ranger Captain Miller in "Saving Private Ryan", or even merchant mariner "Captain Philips" shouldn't he be well-suited to this role? Variety
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    Germans have "most powerful passport" (visa-free access to 177 countries)

    Perhaps here's one reason why all those refugees are headed to Germany instead of staying in other EU countries: Business Insider
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    China and Ukraine agree to restart AN-225 airlifter production

    To the mods, please keep this separate from the China superthread. Chinese money reviving another Soviet -era giant: IHS Jane's 360 - 31 August 2016 Having demonstrated a world-record payload of 253.82 tonnes, the six-engined An-225 is the largest transport aircraft ever to have flown. The...
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    Tim Hortons expanding to the UK

    Isn't there one in Dubai/the UAE as well? Daily Hive/Vancity Buzz
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    French sub maker DCNS in classified data leak scandal

    Cause for India and Australia to worry since they're DCNS sub customers? Agence France-Presse via Bangkok Post
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    BAE developing self-repairing Combat aircraft

    Skynet now has a replicator?  ;D UK Defence Journal
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    Turkey to allow Russian bombers to use Incirlik airbase

    Erdogan and Putin are clearly in bed together...wouldn't this further complicate Ankara's relationship with NATO? Stripes.com
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    U2 spy planes eyed for conversion to ICBM killers

    Wouldn't the SR-71 be better suited for this?  ??? Popular Mechanics
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    Liam Neeson plays US Gen. Douglas MacArthur in "Operation Chromite"

    Liam Neeson stars as Gen. MacArthur leading the Inchon landings of the Korean War: Operation Chromite (official trailer) The action scenes at the trailer seem to focus on the ROK/South Korean commandos landed ahead of the Allied invasion fleet.
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    RNZAF issues RFI for new transport, surveillance aircraft

    For those following the Hobbits' air force: Defense News
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    USN sailor imprisoned for taking 6 sensitive photos of submarine

    :facepalm: "Loose lips sink ships" still applies, or rather loose fingertips on one's Iphone pointing at where it shouldn't be... MSN News Video
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    RCMP treated Peterborough, Ont., plane crash as "nat'l security" case

    Schizophrenia? Or something else? Global News