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    What is the pension like for medical releases?

    Without getting too much into it. I injured my leg real bad and will have ongoing pain for the rest of my life. It looks like I’ll be getting a medical release. I’m looking at 8 years of pensionable service right now so I’m hoping to get the ball rolling and from there will ask for a period of...
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    How does VA triage their claims

    Over 2 years ago I had a pretty significant foot injury, couldn’t walk at all for 6mo(ish) still in fairly constant ache currently, and it’s been over 2 years. Anyway, my claims been with VA for the last 2 years, my buddy put a claim in after my claim and got a response 6 months later. Does...
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    Ships Team Diver badge on Army DEU's?

    I am wondering if I can put a ships team diver badge on an army uniform? I was in the navy and transferred to army... Can I place the STD badge on the army uniform? As well SSI goes on sleeve... correct? Thanks!
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    What trade drives the big navy boats?

    I am joining as a boatswain and the recruiter said the bosns also drive the big boats but it does not say any of that on the forces website!
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    Is it normal to bring a few family members when being sworn in?

    I get sworn into the navy in a month or so and they said I could bring family. Will most people do this or will I show up and it'll just be me n my family? ;p
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    Statement of understanding reserve timing

    Hello, I have done all my testing and interviews and all that there is left to do is get my statement of understanding from my local reserve unit.  The weekend bmq begins on September 8th or something like that. My meeting to sign my letter of understanding is next Monday the 26th. Do you guys...
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    BMQ and physical requirements

    Alright so I know there are many questions like this so sorry.  Anyways, I was going to be doing BMQ for the infantry reserve next summer but now it looks like perhaps it might be in a month.  My plan was to work hard in the year so I would be prepared. However the next month training kind of...
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    Waking up at 5:00 A.M. in BMQ.

    I have a rather stupid question to ask.  In about a month I will be beginning my BMQ of a Reserve Infantryman.  I am curious how you wake up at 5 A.M. in the morning?  Is there an alarm clock? A horn?  I am very bad at waking up! :P Thanks for anyone who has taken their time to review this...
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    What do the reserves do on tour?

    I am going to be joining the infantry reserves but before i join I would like to know what exactly I would be doing if i volunteered to go ona  tour?  Thanks!